Ring Enchantment Failed on lvl 2 three times in a row ( safe )

You may want to look into it. The fail rate should go up with the lvl, not be 75% ( three of the four failed, I have experience for 8 ) unless this is how you want rings to work. But really that would take years of grinding to get them lvl'd. Please look in to it. I don't care about the loss of hard to find stones, more as people new to pso.

I know rings fail, but there is something weird going on with the odds through out the game. I am not hating on the game. I love this game, I just letting them know it may be a problem.

"Safe" simply means the grind level will not decrease upon failure. You may find it worthwhile to use Grind Success +% items when grinding rings.

Ty I have fond that if you only do one lvl per day then your chances are near 100% more than one lvl per day and your chance is 10% or so IDK I have yet to have one not fail on the 2nd lvl of the day. Thanks again, sorry about the late response.