[ NGS ] unbreakable red box


I tried to break it for 5 minutes with no result. After searching for guide on the matter, I found out that there should've been red box protectors spawning when I get close. But no matter what I do ( from changing block, reset area map to restart game ), they do not spawn, therefore I can't break the box.

I'm having the same issue with the same red box. (Lake Halphia)

In Balflow Falls, I'm have the same issue with a red crate. The box protectors won't spawn. Has any resolution been found yet??

This is apparently the case with multiple red containers. I'm currently at 109/113 on my quest. The last four red containers I need to destroy are bugged, the protector/targets don't spawn, and the container cannot be broken. I had this issue before with a red container in North Aelio, but leaving and re-entering the area fixed it. However, that doesn't work with these containers. I've tried changing settings thinking it might be linked to something I disabled, making them invisible, but that nor restarting my game and trying several different blocks didn't fix the issue. I'm at a loss, so I guess there's nothing to do about it but wait until it's patched and fixed.