Dear PSO2 and PSO2:NGS Teams,

 First of all, thank you for making such a beautiful looking games and incredible character customization. I have been enjoying all the great times since PSO2 gets released to global. I have never invested so much times in MMOs games before.

But, during NGS release, it feels lacking compared to old PSO2. Yes, i acknowledge that PSO2 has 8 years worth of content, but NGS doesn't have what PSO2 has, which is replay-ability. To be honest i don't know what to do after i'm done with weeklies and play other games instead. There is nothing to push players limit, there is nothing worth to farm, no extreme-equivalent quest, etc. Players already quit NGS because of this.

You guys might be thinking : "well, we have PSO2 that has 8 years worth of contents and play that while we working on NGS update" and that leads to why i'm writing on this feedback. If you guys want players to play old PSO2, why stop making events for old PSO2? You guys advertise it as a continuation to PSO2 but it feels like you guys are abandoning old PSO2. We celebrating PSO2 9th anniversary but there is no old PSO2 anniversary events, why? If you guys not updating PSO2 anymore then why not making a whole new games instead? 

So, what's the solution? bring back PSO2 events and other things like it was before alongside with NGS. Bring back the Urgent Quest schedule, bring back seasonal events, and other things that is worth to coming back to PSO2 while you guys working on NGS update. As for the future of NGS, please add something that is worth to replay in NGS like extreme quest, endless quest, or new things that has something to replay for.

That's all what i wanted to say after all the frustration that other players and i had playing this games after NGS release. I'm willing to write this feedback because i really love this games. I hope you guys reading this feedback and fix this mess. 


some random Ship 1 player

Events, scheduled EQ's and seasonals are garbage content. The issue is the road map is completely barren of any substance and might as well not exist. Wow a single EQ after 3 months then another 3 month wait for a new region with nothing to do and a level cap increase you'll finish in a day. How exciting. Game needs lengthy, grindy end game systems that pushes you to your limits gear and skill wise.

Agree. I never finished my character in base pso2, and with the removal of UQs, events, and season pass, I can't get the key items I need to make any weapons. The economy is messed up enough that weeklies/dailies on base don't matter anymore, so there is nothing to work for unless you manage to find a group to do a cradle run and spend forever clicking tedious menu options to convert Ex-cubes to meseta.

With the game being semi shut down, there is no way to farm for Atlas-EX, Trailblazer, Klaus, Rivalate, no way to farm mission badges for capsules, no reliable way to get 15* weapons to make puras/steel, etc. It feels like at this point, everyone is perpetually stuck with Croesus weapons because everything else is locked behind impossible drop rates from UQs that almost never appear anymore.

NGS having nothing to do, and base PSO2 having the lights shut off just makes me not want to log in at all.