Why no true NGS swimsuits?

It's summer time Sega, where's my NGS swimsuits at, and no that fish wet suit doesn't count. I was hoping for swim suits this scratch, but instead we get some crazy armor stuff and some fruity looking sailor garb. At this point I think Sega is purposely not releasing certain fashion styles so that the base PSO2 cosmetics stay relevant for awhile longer.

We are getting a bunch of swimwear on or around the 18th of August

Ah I forgot those where in the preview video, not really digging any of the designs though. Maybe just me, but NGS outfit designs have been pretty bad so far.

I'm interested in the coming swimsuits, a bit miffed none are in this current new scratch.

It’s not just you, I haven’t liked a single thing so far, I haven’t even designed my char ngs body cause all I wear is pso2 outfits

Futuristic swimsuit is still a swimsuit. Just because it isn't the string bikini you want to ogle yourself in doesn't make it so.

I don’t want a single thing from this scratch. The sailor swimwear didn’t look so bad until I saw the chunky shoes, so disappointing.