List some changes you'd like to see in NGS

Even if the development team suddenly got their act together and really tried to implement QOL changes to save the game, where would they even start? There's a plethora of problems that will probably take years to address even under serious dedication, which is time that this game does not have since the playerbase dwindling every day. So lets try to list some ideas.

Me personally, for this game to be even decent they would need to add:

  • Massive amount of replayable content such as dungeons, raids, questlines ect... (NOT URGENTS)

  • Vast amount of unique/rare loot to farm (for an incentive to continue playing)

  • Add more skills and class combinations to the skill trees

  • Add a complete storyline with a coherent beginning, middle & end for more world building and immersion

  • Add quest types for the sake of variance to avoid burnout

  • Re-work certain abilities on weapons to make them feel better to use (like volkraptor)

  • Actually give a greater incentive to use the multi-weapon system instead of being so strict with potential bonuses.

  • Fix the chat system. That issue that they had with those three big streamers was unacceptable

  • Give more bonuses to premium since its not worth a penny it its current state

What changes would you like to see implemented in NGS?

Letting us pet the cats. Also better search in the personal shops.

I don't exactly feel like rewriting the still-standing issues I have with the smaller parts of the game but I can link them:

As far as I know, none of these have been addressed yet and I really do feel like while the gameplay is solid it can definitely be better - and that to me resonates and carries over with everything else as well.

  • Difficult 1-4 player content you can spam(Divide, ship infiltration)

  • Weekly goals (Sage crest campaigns)

  • Long term goals(Zieg weapons)

  • Unique challenges for fun and titles etc to show off(Extreme quests that are 1-4 people, challenge modes, Endless, etc)

  • Time attack quests with set spawns and titles/weapon camos for beating in x time

  • Rare drops from normal enemies that are useful and powerful

  • Survival mode that keeps getting harder and harder and rewards more stuff longer you go (weapon camos / unique currency)

  • Hoard mode with unique weapon camo/titles for staying alive long

  • Boss rush mode with unique weapon camo/titles the more bosses you kill

  • Side content (Casino mini games)

Here is a list of things to add in or fix:

  • Bring back PQs and AQs, with much needed improvements over the PSO2 versions

  • Make the furniture interactive again, also can be added with above

  • Expand Search Nearby Players to cover the entire city area at least (to combat the scam bots)

  • Add in something for alliance activities (rankings, special instances, etc.)

  • New motions that are not behind scratch "bonus" paywalls (so F2Ps can make attempts to get them from personal shops)

  • Last login listing for friends/alliance lists (for obvious reasons)

  • Bring back the free shop passes (so F2Ps can sell stuff too)

Would it be considered entitled if I said that I'd like a more engaging way to get the exploration sector rewards than running around bullying underleveled mobs and roadkilling static nodes?

I dunno. Maybe high level appropriate combat events (settlement defense?), some minigame (I'm even open to a bejeweled copypasta)... anything beats aimlessly running around.

Monster weapons/parts
Photon drops and shop
More sub class skills that add to your main class
Weekly rankings for cocoons and towers solo/group / rewards for just participating in them
Unique Rare enemies with rare loot (not the silver/gold ones we have already)
More consumable items like sol atomizers.Shiftaride/Debanride (I would not even mind if you had to use food materials to make them)
Higher food recipe limit, so you can make stronger recipes

@SalutexMO i can make an even bigger list than this, but lack the energy to do so...

@The-Bunny said in List some changes you'd like to see in NGS:

Unique Rare enemies with rare loot (not the silver/gold ones we have already)

I have an idea for a rare enemy drop, shop passes.

@Weirdo Making those a monster drop would be a bad idea, simply bringing the Fun scratch back would be better. This was already suggested above and did not want to put the same thing twice.

I'd like to see someone from SEGA actually playing "the game"... Are we just chumps, or is there actually a game to play? We don't even have a shill lol.

Fix the fking lag, let me assign more combat actions to my other mouse buttons so I don't have to spend $50+ on an MMO mouse to quickly use my sub-palette, and optimize the game better for PC. It's sad that I get stutter and frame drops at 2k max settings with an RTX 2080 Ti.

I will keep to stuff that can be reasonably implemented without the need of asset team, since they are obviously to bussy making next set of scratches.

Private rooms

Material tracking

Transferable fixas (So it doesn't feel like you wasted your resources upgrading gear just to get better fixa drop)

Upgrades to ngs rereleases of clothes without need to repurchase your entire collection

Thunderstorm/Gigantix schedule/announcment

More precise cocoon time tracking (at least 1/100 of a second) + rankings

Shop access for all (after certain lvl/story progresses)

Fix PFSC for lowering barta dps