constant game crashes

The last two days my game CTD's (crash to desktop) 3 times and my game froze. From Sunday and b4 I had no issues for a long while besides lag.

Yeah my girl and I have crashed at least a dozen times the last few days we played. Most issues seem to have started after the last maintenance. Seriously, if this isn't all 100% fixed by December, this game will not last. This is the buggiest game launch from a AAA dev I've ever seen. Between the lag and the game not even being 10% the size of WoW at launch (15 year old game), along with Sega daring to monetize an UNFINISHED ALPHA STATE GAME, there isn't much reason to stick around. At this point, Sega has to pull a FF14 to save NGS, complete with refurbished game and apology (and wouldn't mind some refunds, too). Everyone playing this game is essentially an "Alpha Reactor".

Unfortunately, as long as people are concerned about anything cosmetic or AC-related in this game, no action will be taken.

I quit playing ESO years ago (after the Elsweyr launch) because the game's latency tanked by LITERALLY 33% as soon as that expansion launched. In-game latency at any location went from around 80-90ms for me, to over 130.

To be fair, during normal play (and even group stuff in the open world) this wasn't very noticeable. How they managed to pull that off is beyond me; good netcode perhaps?

However, they have very clearly done nothing to remedy the problem; I pinged the NA "mega"server just the other day to see what things were looking like.. over 550ms. That tells me that people continued throwing money at Zenimax for their loot crates, so they simply just kept churning out "expansion"s every year in return.

As of right now, this appears to be Sega's modus operandi.. which is very, very sad, as NGS is actually a F A N T A S T I C base to what could be an absolutely incredible game.