Release to all platforms

Libere o PSO2 para todas as plataformas e todas as regiões, pois só o Xbox e PC oferece o PSO2 no ocidente e oriente. Não tem PS4 nem PS5 nem Switch pro Ocidente👏

I agree that they should but there are some reasons behind it which I don't know someone

@Drakaina Microsoft.

@Drakaina Microsoft made a deal with Sega and is the only reason why PSO2 was released in the west so the exclusivity is because Microsoft paid for it.

Now I can understand the deal between MS and SEGA, now remains Sony and Nintendo to release PSO2 on the West and do the same(making a deal)

Just contact them will help and users there (well I'm Xbox player but it would get more people in PSO2) and talk with these platforms

From what I can Read

Because Microsoft made a exclusive deal with Sega to have their game in the West no other platform can have it until the contract expires (if it dose) still don't know why steam has it

And if they want to release it on other platforms in the west they will need to make a deal with Microsoft first

@Drakaina Microsoft doesn't care too much over exclusivity on PC that's why they are selling their own games on Steam.

PSO2 is available on ps4 in JP >_> lol

The thing I am very curious about is what Phil Spencer mentioned in some articles (this one for example) where the game will end up on all platforms.

This has me wondering if this is on Sega and not just Microsoft to help open up the game to other platforms or if legitimately we have things like Sony's potential censorship ongoings being involved in the game not seeing a release or any signs of it thus far.

In regards to Nintendo, I feel the Nintendo Switch version could be likely provided Sega finds a way to bring PSO2 Cloud over here as well (thus making it playable on not just the Nintendo Switch but players who cannot play the game normally due to system requirements) or that they could repeat what the PlayStation Vita did and have a highly compressed version of the game for the Nintendo Switch (though my fear is that the Vita regularly had 13 GB updates almost every week as a result). If this same censorship fear applies, it may also be why the game has not seen the light of day over there as well despite it being available on the Japanese side as well.

I would really love for an answer on this, even if it was a simple blanket statement from Sega saying, "we have no plans for other platforms at the moment" because I really don't recall them addressing anything about this other than dead air.

If they want the game to work on Steam Deck, there will have to be a working Linux client.

@mountainlynx-0 I don't exactly think they need a working Linux Client as much as they need a workaround for nProtect GameGuard working on Linux (I recall Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst works with GameGuard patched out on Linux). Steam's Proton has definitely helped a lot but this is definitely on INCA Internet to expand GameGuard to work on Linux (or by extension the Mac OS platforms).

ha... they can't even get it to work on Windows 11 right now, asking people not to upgrade

@HarmlessSyan Windows 10 cannot upgrade to 11 yet so most users won't change to it also everyone that knows that when a new OS is released is better to wait for a while until apps are updated to run in the new OS, PSO2 will not be the only one that will not run properly in Windows 11