found a Troll that ruined UQ

meruria_blabbish1.jpg meruria_blabbish2.jpg meruria_blabbish3.jpg meruria_blabbish4.jpg meruria_blabbish5.jpg meruria_blabbish6.jpg meruria_blabbish7.jpg meruria_blabbish8.jpg meruria_blabbish9.jpg meruria_blabbish10.jpg meruria_Profile.jpg

i met him in Shiva VR UQ(XH) after done with UH(no peeps didn't up to UH again). around AM 06:26 at 2021.08.23.TUE (UTC)

I expected many guys gears aren't good because of PSO2 day.

but he didn't do Anything Literally, except Spamming Bull-shits like about he is Drunk and Alcohol, Gundam Sex, etc..

i know he didn't get drunk because he revive Allies when they just Down, seems he need to Free FUN Points.

that makes failed our All Trial in VR UQ, and when he get out of UQ, he Chattering with his Friends while he introduced he is Drunk atm himself.

his Character Name is Meruria, and his Player ID is Kumarion.

if you see him in your Party for UQ, kick HIM before it Played Drunk during UQ.

i was there too. he said 'im drunk bul sh1t' repeatly till done for uq. and then he getting gladly chatty for FF14~15 to he's own friends with VERY NORMAL status at the lobby. heh

My advice to keep him from ever joining your UQ parties again, put the idiot on your blocklist, that way it will be harder for him to ruin any runs on you, plus I think you can report him for deliberately disrupting things.


yea, I already Report him and Blocked too.

just wanna Everyone keeps from him for ruining their UQ like me.


you was there too?

glad to see you, mate. then please report him too.


i did. you r welcome

Lmao imagine failing an UQ just for one player, maybe you guys also deserve to be reported for leeching... But if you're all leeches who is the one carrying you?


don't be Toxic, didn't I wrote 'I've done with UH' and 'expected many low geared guys because of PSO2 day' here?

i didn't know why am I deserved to calling Leech by someone.

I was surrounded with guys that held the 'Holy Ray' Rifle regardless their Classes and Level..

I think at least I was One that tried to Carrying them 😕