Make the mission pass awards cross-character unlocked.

@zaffy2005 said in Make the mission pass awards cross-character unlocked.:

@Kaira-0 Unfortunately, no. A couple passes in recent months repeated some of the previous cosmetics but there hasn't been any change to the core requirement of needing two "tickets" to fully unlock them. There has been a slight change to the Fresh Finds shop at least, now allowing players to purchase such items twice whereas before they were limited to one. But no change to the Mission Pass yet.

Purchasing something twice to get it permanently seems abit wrong imho 😕

@Kaira-0 yea, that is one of my key gripes about the game. That and the fact it costs $147 per character to maximize storage. And that's not even counting "rental" storage options.

It be nice if they did.

One could hope that cosmetics in NGS are 1 time use to apply to account, since the current 2 ticket use for account system is over 8 years old.

@Church10129 Actually, the current system is less than 4 years old; before Episode 5 released (26 July 2017), there was no account-wide unlocking of cosmetic tickets, and each individual character needed to use a ticket if you wanted the same cosmetic item on multiple characters. Also, before 22 March 2018, you actually had to use the tickets on two separate characters for the account-wide unlocking to work

you know, you're right I do faintly remember that, good looks.