Make the mission pass awards cross-character unlocked.

@zaffy2005 Hell after every urgent quest I always trade in about 20 10* for xcubes. I only keep 11+ with souls now. Everything else is easy labda grinders. I know how much they will be needed later on.

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@Total-Sacrifice Yes, this has definitely been mentioned to the team and will be again. 🙂

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@Total-Sacrifice , thank you for bringing this up. 🙂

I appreciate you guys interacting with the community. I hope we see some favorable changes in the game in the future. I'm still a fan of the game despite its drawbacks.

If cosmetic consumables were changed to be account bound upon use instead of character bound, I feel like I'd be more likely to spend AC on tickets. As it is right now, having to chose between choosing a single character to give the cosmetic to or spending the extra resources to buy a second copy from the markets feels like a chore and something that I'd rather avoid altogether.

On the main topic of the mission pass rewards tho, if we can't make it so they automatically become account bound upon use, then receiving two copies would be acceptable as a way to get to the same point.

@J1 I think like most games, If you buy something for your character it is linked to your account and it is yours. With these I feel it's more like renting until you do get both. If I do spend $ it is usually for things that I can use with everyone.

This is exceedingly bad if you have characters on different ships who can't even share inventory to begin with. With the way the mission pass is set up, even if I bought a second gold pass, I can't get another set from a particular level.

I can't even give you more money to get the things that I want.

Example: I claimed the fox tails on one character because I wanted to use them. On a different Ship, I want to use that character's look as my Auxiliary, but I can't, because I have NO WAY of claiming a second set of fox tails on the other ship.

I have this problem as well.. I (i think) used one of the F/cast head tikets on my M/deuman. They should at the very LEAST NOT let you use a consumable cosmetic on a character that CANT use it.

The way it's worded is also misleading:

"itemwill be used. Are you sure you wish to proceed? Once you use this ticket, you will be able to select with all characters by using the same ticket with the same character or another character"

The way it's worded, and the way it's broken up, it makes it sound like "once you use this ticket, you will be able to select this item with all characters" and then "by using the same ticket, with the same character or another character" which also doesn't make a whole lot of sense grammatically(I'm no English major, but it still sounds weird.). If it MUST stay as it is, it should at least say something like "once you use this ticket, it will be available on this character. using a ticket for this item again on this character or another character will make it available for all characters"

Now i have to grind the heck out of the gold pass ticket so i can get the cosmetics a second time and use them all.. and i'm not even fully sure I used the F/cast head tickets on my M/deuman....

Is there a way to tell what tickets/cosmetics have been used on a character?

This got a little more long-winded than I initially intended, but it's all still relevant ^^"


When you highlight or hover your mouse over a ticket that's already been used by your account, it will say at the bottom of the item description box whether the item has already been used and is bound to your current character, or that the item is already bound to another character in your account.

AFAIK the reason you can use tickets for cosmetics that your character can't use is because it allows for that cosmetic to be used by that character's Auxiliary.

(and yeah, I agree that a lot of the wording in the NA server is kinda weird)

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he reason you can use tickets for cosmetics that your character can

Thank you for the info! is there any way to figure it out if I don't have another ticket for said item??


Not that I know of, unfortunately. If the Auxiliary on your M/Deuman is a F/Cast, then you could find out by customizing the Auxiliary at the Salon. But if you've already made an Auxiliary on that character of another race/gender, then you'd have to spend some AC to make a second one.

If the ticket was tradeable, then you could just go to the player shops and find out if you'd used it just by checking the item description like I said. But since mission pass items aren't tradeable for whatever reason, you're kinda shit outta luck.

I really don't like that mission pass, fresh finds, and scratch bonus cosmetics aren't tradeable.

Just makes everything a pain in the ass, honestly.

@Valavaern If you didn't know, there's 5 extra levels past 30 with dupes of stuff that you can claim. You can get another tail for account wide stuff but only one. Annotation 2020-06-08 025634.png Annotation 2020-06-08 025810.png

agree they should be account wide

Alot of these items in JP you were able to get twice.

So I agree with this. This is one of the few games that doesn't punish and actually rewards a player for making alts.

I cringe when I see things in the Fresh finds shop that I would want on multiple characters.

Can;t even trade for them.

Was anything more mentioned on this because I got my tier pass up to lvl 23 over the last few days on one character then found when I made a character on the server my friends are on all the items are unobtanable again unless I choose to move over my other character 😞

Apologies for the necro, Google brought me to this post.

@Kaira-0 Unfortunately, no. A couple passes in recent months repeated some of the previous cosmetics but there hasn't been any change to the core requirement of needing two "tickets" to fully unlock them. There has been a slight change to the Fresh Finds shop at least, now allowing players to purchase such items twice whereas before they were limited to one. But no change to the Mission Pass yet.

@zaffy2005 Unfortunately to add to that the second purchase is only for accessories/cosmetics that are applied first to the character where a second use would apply it to the account. Costumes (such as the bundles) can still only be purchased once but to compensate for this our Fresh Finds rotations have "slowed" down where you can have a second shot at getting something like a Maid Dress or the same color variation of an outfit when those are in circulation.