Make the mission pass awards cross-character unlocked.

Please for the love of anything! Make untradeable items account boud. My wife just acedently used a MP ticket on the wrong character!

It is absolutely unacceptable that in 2020 we have battlepass that does not award account bound items. Of the major GaaS games this is THE ONLY ONE DOING THIS. Stuff like this prevents me from recommending the game to family and friends which is the exact opposite of what I thought I would be doing when PSO2 finally launched in the West.

@GM-Beemo @GM-Beppo @GM-bill @GM-Bleed @GM-Cheezpuff @GM-Cinder @GM-Deynger @GM-Fatal4866 @GM-Hamed @GM-JJDragon Guys, please share this with your sales & strategy teams and SoJ.

@Total-Sacrifice said in Make the mission pass awards cross-character unlocked.:

It is absolutely unacceptable that in 2020 we have battlepass that does not award account bound items.

I'll add in there the whole use 2 to make things acct wide also needs to change pronto.

They were real quick about making changes with the unnecessary pre-censoring they did before cbt, maybe they should take the time to review what really matters for the longevity of the game, the MTX system.

@Total-Sacrifice Yes, this has definitely been mentioned to the team and will be again. 🙂

@GM-Deynger Yes, please. I am planning to drop 80 canadian dollars per outfit because it's only guaranteed at the 30 AC scratch ticket mark and 12 tickets is 30 CAD. I should not have to spend multiple times that amount for some desirable make-up items, or innerwear for all my characters. Also, offer better bundles of costumes and less consumable items. I don't mind paying, but make the stuff valuable and account-bound. There is no reason to drop 300 bucks per desired look to be ''accessible'' to all characters.

@Total-Sacrifice , thank you for bringing this up. 🙂


I mean it is something that has come up multiple times now. Same with the fresh finds shop. They need to be account based and tradeable.

@ERICK001BC Or at least one or the other.

But yea, personally my vote is both, too. Across the board. AC, FUN, SG, Meseta, Mission Pass random drop, doesn't matter what the source is, we shouldn't have to do it twice to "fully unlock" anything, and if we decide we don't want something (particularly with bundles of multiple items) we should be able to pass it on to other players however we choose (gift, trade, or sale).

And it wouldn't kill them to drop the freakin' prices, either. It's digital content. There is literally no additional cost to them for selling more "product." And they WOULD sell a lot more "product" if they didn't price it out of the majority's budget. We deal with more than enough "I'm rich and you're not" elitist BS in the real world, get that crap out of the gaming world. This is supposed to be our escape, not a virtual simulation of the same crap we already go through day to day.

@zaffy2005 I totally agree. Sadly they don't even give you that option with Fresh finds shop items. You can only buy that item once. So you're screwed if you want it for multiple accounts.

Honestly I have my main and 2 for meseta farming. I wanted to buy the wedding dress for my auxillary. That's a lot considering my main is a male. But that dress will not be usable by my 3rd character or by the other aux I have. It will be linked to 1 and that is it. Similar to how some of the accessories go. I spent 5 mil on 1 cat. I wish I could use it on all my character but ehh it is what it is.

@ERICK001BC Yea, it sucks big time. Running into a similar problem with two of my characters having CAST auxiliaries. The stuff I can find in the Personal Shops, no big deal. I can buy two "head tickets" to unlock it and the rest of the "parts" can be put in storage to swap around or at least "preserve" if I decide to delete that character and make a new one (which I've been considering with one of my characters). But any "head tickets" that are "untradeable" would be lost forever, as would any other untradeable items locked to that character. It really kills the very notion of making more than one character, which then means either spending a ton on making multiple Auxiliaries so you can use everything, or you just end up ignoring 90% of the cosmetic content in the game because it doesn't suit this one character and/or Auxiliary.

No matter how you spin it, it's a very short-sighted design, and a problem that could be improved immensely by changing any one aspect of it (lower price, make tradeable, or unlock with just one use), and would be a major game-changer for the better if all three were implemented.

@zaffy2005 With how the market prices are, I just stopped paying any attention to trying to get at least 1 of every item. I just save up for me (sg) 1 item of each if I like it, (ex skipped harden out and some other stuff just ugly, and 100,000+ for recycle fodder not worth it since that is 14 badges), and I save up to buy 1 of the items for my auxiliary sets and just play. Worrying about fashion is way too much for me, I don't follow trends to begin with, this is just suicide for both time and $. I feel for those people spending hundreds on cosmetics.

@ERICK001BC Heh, honestly couldn't give less of a hoot about "fashion" or "trends." For me it's a combination of "collector" mentality (why leaving any Pokedex incomplete irks me but I've had to accept it since so many legendaries are event-only), my own ever-changing interests (one day steampunk, the next day trying to recreate character/looks form other games), and a heaping pile of my own indecisiveness which in other games has lead me to more or less completely remake characters from the ground up just to try something different or else constantly swap between 2-3 set "looks" because I can't decide which one I want to stick with. It's like a mood ring but for wardrobe.

Heh, and there's also a side of "FOMO." The "Fear Of Missing Out." I'll see an outfit or even just a single piece that really doesn't work too well with anything I've got right now (or even anything else currently available) but there's that thought in the back of my mind "one of these days something might be added to the game that will pair perfectly with this for the look I had in mind when I first saw this piece and if I don't get it now it might be unobtainable when its perfect match is finally available." And I'll probably end up with a ton of "unmatched" bits and bobs cluttering up my storage space waiting for a mate that never comes.

So the added complication of the "expensive, untradeable, and character-locked" trifecta is a headache I really, really don't need.

@zaffy2005 Yeah that FOMO. I did a cosplay of Over Haul from MHA for a friend, but I didn't spend the 4 mil for the more accurate white shoes and color beak mask, or tie color. Everything else came out nice. But yeah I kind of have to miss out on a few stuff because of Me$eta. Eh, I just try to get things I like and would wear in real life, or would wear if I was in the game.

@ERICK001BC Honestly I'd rather miss out on something (or have to wait a much longer time to get it) because the Meseta price was too high (Like the 525,000,000 Meseta "ARKS Trainee Uniform F" I saw in the shops) than to miss out on it completely because I had to choose between it and two month's worth of Gold Mission Pass access (or else have to spend money I don't have on buying SG/AC I can't afford) and now it's gone until (or rather unless) they decide to put it back in rotation.

@zaffy2005 The one good thing about the SUPER HIGH PRICES in market is it gives that rarity value that people make for no real reason a bit of coolness to have it. Example, a lot of mmo's have items only some people can have and that's it. My sister bought the maid outfit, which was an outfit. So she can use it and down the line A lot of people wont have it or use it. Same with those Blue Blaze hands I missed out on. I want them, they won't stop being cool, and down the line I don't mind waiting to buy them at a better price. Still people will have them on game and have something over the other players. Almost all MMO's do that.