NGS simplified movement multiweapon

So, i noticed for NGS Simplifies movement, or 'auto attack', only uses the base weapon of the multi-weapons.. It'd be nice if it used the off-weapons aswell. for instance, i have a knuckle/dagger... it'd be nice if the attack combo would do a basic stream of knuckle, into a dagger art, then knuckle art, the dagger basic... i think this would add so much more fun to the game.

Although I understand why it was added I do not think the simple attack is a good idea as it will make people lazy and when more harder content is added they have no idea how they even play the game correctly and will be holding people back

Yeah idk why you can't make it use the multiweapon PAs/Techs. It would be cool to be customize it actually, kinda similarly to the in-game "macro" system MapleStory uses but without the stupid restrictions that imposes on what can be assigned to it for no real reason, and maybe being able to customize the conditions even further than how it works now.

As for it making people lazy how it works now, I'm not sure how the simple movement even chooses the attack to use, but I would assume for some weapons it doesn't choose the most optimal one for the situation all the time. Because it bases it off distance from the enemies according to the description, which means for some weapons it probably actually puts you in dangerous situations because of the length of the animation of the PA or just waste PP.

There's already some content that should be teaching people it's not always best to use the simplified movement like how hard Gigantix hit.

I do believe that harder content should force you out of simple combat

Because if you were going to face enemies bosses like

  • ( face of the Abyss )
  • ( masquerada )
  • ( phaleg )

Or just doing harder content in general be it the story // co-op Quest // raid // dungeons // urgent Quest // ect //

You would just be a burden and a hindrance and just be dead way because you have no idea how to play your class effectively and hinder your party strengths because you do not know what would be the best optimal strategy and move to use for the situation

@Hibikase there are no daggers in the game what are you using

@Drakaina Obviously they're using twin daggers, dummy.

I forgot that was a weapon

Oh no... i completely agree, atm theres only like 1 or maybe 2 weapons i use simplified movement on, like wand or maybe rod if i'm feeling lazy, while Resol forest farming.. i still pull my weight when the time comes.. i know how to play the classes effectively, i choose to use the simplified when i'm being lazy on purpose... like when theres a full group of 1hitters running resol / rank 2 lab & magnus... but the idea of only having it on 1 weapon is kinda sad, i figured the simplifed, while using a multiweapon would be a nice touch, since it can auto choose attacks for you... hell most the time, i actually opt for normal attacks, after doing the numbers in my head about what hits hard and what doesn't... for instance, the Sword's spinning attack hits harder than the uppercut, which makes the uppercut style attack useless simply because the whirlwind style attack advances you towards the enemy, meaning it SHOULD hit weaker than an uppercut style that doesn't provide movement, or even dodge/parry. the knuckles/twin daggers are both fast style weapons, with the knuckles PA's hitting harder, and the daggers being faster, meaning they regain your PP faster, this is how i use them.... hell

in addition/change idea, make it so Simplified movement is 'customizable' with the weapon of choice... as in Enable/disable, PA's / skills, and add the choice to actually CHARGE the attacks with simplified, since it doesn't actually charge PA's/Tech's 95% of the time... usually only with Techniques