Cosmogenic Arm Camo Request; Roto=Raut

Since we are getting closer and closer to shifting to NGS from PSO2, there are still cosmetics that haven't made it into global that are just plain awesome.

Like the Cosmogenic Arm Roto=Raut , something that you could get from Zig in JP but not in Global.

Ah I didn't realize that's how that camo is obtained in the JP version, as that's a camo related to PSO2ES.

@Riesz Yeah. I found that while just looking up Cosmogenic arms. I saw Roto=Raut and immediately wanted it, but then found that it was not available.

If you go back to like... May or June, there's a thread for general unreleased camo and unreleased OT/NT weapon to camo conversion requests in this forum. IIRC Roto=Raut was on the list. It sort of got buried under all the NGS stuff.

Yes I agree but some stuff will be hard to obtain since it was a collaboration so they will need to get permission again to use it in global

@Drakaina Some stuff, yes. But in the case of Roto=Raut, it is a PSO2es item, so Sega owns that, iirc.