Base Game (PSO2) Permanent Boosts

There are no more events coming to base game anymore, save for the usual PSO2 day.

New players and returning players who didn't complete base game content, and want to do it now, have a really hard time going through it..

So to make it easier for them, it would be really nice to have a permanent high Exp Boost, and if possible, Meseta and Rare Drop Boost as well.

For example, something like a permanent 300% exp boost would greatly enhance new players' experience on base game content 😄

Although this sounds harsh I do not agree with the EXP boost as I see veterans complaining that they are getting handouts plus with a permanent Boost such as that with all the others you can get the Market Place is just going to get even more or inflated I believe a better solution would be a 1 time account used up until xx level

And besides leveling is overly easy anyway there's no need for this boost and anything truly rare anyway isn't affected at all by this booster so it's pointless it'll only help them in the short run

@Drakaina I am talking about Exp Boost for Base game only; not for NGS though o: It's harder to level up in base game at the moment; that wouldn't really affect NGS at all nor the market 🙂

I mean just base game

@Drakaina I see. Well, reaching level 100 in base game is not precisely as easy as it used to be before we got NGS. Reason being we are not being given Keys anymore (you can only get them from running recommended quests and buying them on Treasure Shop), and there aren't really enough people farming EXP anymore through quests that allow multiple players (Such as Buster Quests).

Adding to that the fact there aren't any boosts active (we used to have some boost active due to X Event) and that no new events providing them (Except for PSO2 day) will be held, it makes things a tad hard for new players. if they wished to go through old content.

So, adding a permanent EXP Boost in base game only, would not be of any harm to anyone 🙂

Note that I am already maxed in base game; mostly thinking of people who would like to try base game for the first time.

Whatever may help us get more people, is mostly good (if no harm is done in the process 😛 ) 🙂

@Drakaina Also, I don't think any "veterans" should complain with this; there were EXP Boost active for us most of the time before NGS got here.

Also, do remember PSO2 and NGS Markets are totally separate. So NGS Market should not suffer from this, nor should Base Game one; at least not in a significant way regarding the latter. Since base game is not getting new fashion, prices should tend to a certain stability over time.

Oh I'm aware I'm just against of having a permanent boost I don't mind if it stayed until a certain level but not permanent I'll be fine with it going away as soon as you reach 100

And I know the market for separating