PSO2:NGS Battle Power Data

I started gathering Battle Power information and putting it in a spread sheet to get a better understanding of it all. I obviously don't have everything but slowly working on it. Would have more if I had started earlier, but oh well.

If you guys can figure out some of this stuff it'd be help if you posted it, but I'm not counting on it. I'll just update as I can.

Also the first sheet is just a place holder for random info but might eventually be converted to a calculator.

Note - "Legaro x Regina II" likely has a 1.5 BP addition or something like that because sometimes it comes up as +1 and sometimes as +2. This is consistent across multiple weapons and types of Regina IIs that I have all numbers accounted for, but the number is still 1BP off and it only happens when a Regina II is in play that I am certain this is what is the cause.

Note 2 - I do not have some of the higher end Affixes, like S-type augments, so I can't figure them out. I'd appreciate if someone who did have those type of augments the info around them so I can add them if possible

Note 3 - Some Units I haven't been able to figure out here's why/how -

The Hiei set units that I have all have Augments that I don't have on anything else: Legaro Alterflicta. Because some rank 2 units have shown that they can have a base BP of 9 I can't say whether this augment is 3BP or Hiei set pieces are 9BP at base.

Legaro Fresh Zai and All Regina I, I only have on Back/Fresh Aura and I only have 1 with both of those on it so I have no way of determining what piece of the equation is adding more BP.

Anyways... presently I'm running through all my PSOclassic gear, but tonight I'll probably go through and get numbers for BPs for NGS stuff since I have it and its cluttering up my storage.... and yes I did remove Esperio I and II from Silver Primm and Gold Primm and that is indeed how I know they have no BP associated with them. I'm trying to do this smartly so I don't run out of money without having fully upgraded my stuffs ^.^

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