I suggest adding more selective and customisable permissions similar to Warframe ( got more games suggestions I will add them)


  • Being able to name the role and position ( Because you may want to have a theme )

  • Being able to have multiple different roles ( because I find only having provisional member and officer to be quite limiting )( you may want to give a certain permission to someone but not the rest so will be nice if you can choose what permissions you can give )

  • Send email to Alliance ( other right now if you want to send an email to the alliance it's really annoying as you have to send it individually there's no choice and it all at once )

  • Request ( I suggest changing the way that people request to join instead of them sending you a request and then you needing to search up their name and then send it you can just do it off of the email)

  • Having a Alliance tier chat ( sometimes you may only want to speak to the officers or xx ( insert customisable name ) and not the rest for private matters like discussing promotion depromotion kicks ect so it be useful to have separate chats )( I know you can use external websites or apps like discord but I'll be handy to have one in the game )

  • Add a last login feature ( exactly what it sounds like)

  • Display stick ( whether you got it set into position enrollment date or alphabetical I'm suggestion the minor tweak that it stays as what you have it set as instead of it always switching back to default )