PSO2:NGS Battle Power Data

I started gathering Battle Power information and putting it in a spread sheet to get a better understanding of it all. I obviously don't have everything but slowly working on it. Would have more if I had started earlier, but oh well.

If you guys can figure out some of this stuff it'd be help if you posted it, but I'm not counting on it. I'll just update as I can.

Also the first sheet is just a place holder for random info but might eventually be converted to a calculator.

Note - "Legaro x Regina II" likely has a 1.5 BP addition or something like that because sometimes it comes up as +1 and sometimes as +2. This is consistent across multiple weapons and types of Regina IIs that I have all numbers accounted for, but the number is still 1BP off and it only happens when a Regina II is in play that I am certain this is what is the cause.

Note 2 - I do not have some of the higher end Affixes, like S-type augments, so I can't figure them out. I'd appreciate if someone who did have those type of augments the info around them so I can add them if possible

Note 3 - Some Units I haven't been able to figure out here's why/how -

The Hiei set units that I have all have Augments that I don't have on anything else: Legaro Alterflicta. Because some rank 2 units have shown that they can have a base BP of 9 I can't say whether this augment is 3BP or Hiei set pieces are 9BP at base.

Legaro Fresh Zai and All Regina I, I only have on Back/Fresh Aura and I only have 1 with both of those on it so I have no way of determining what piece of the equation is adding more BP.

Anyways... presently I'm running through all my PSOclassic gear, but tonight I'll probably go through and get numbers for BPs for NGS stuff since I have it and its cluttering up my storage.... and yes I did remove Esperio I and II from Silver Primm and Gold Primm and that is indeed how I know they have no BP associated with them. I'm trying to do this smartly so I don't run out of money without having fully upgraded my stuffs ^.^

So far the data that i've got cost around 600-900,000 meseta...

Grinding gear up this way sucks. Waaay too much money and not enough return imo.

What I'm seeing is that if you just start in NGS what you want to do is take a day and play PSO2, gather 3 base units and any rare weapon. Then grind them to max and transfer them over to NGS you'll have good enough gear to take you to "end game" probably. Its the cheapest, quickest way to get fairly good stuff, especially since you can get lots more meseta on PSO2 and the stuff is cheaper...

Updated with a bunch of the NGS Augments... I would have done more but I messed up buying a Resurgir Bow cuz it wouldn't drop and then Multi-weaponing it to my Resurgir Sword rather than my Katana and it just made me sad 😞

Anyways, I will get most of the base and ward augments done when i has the cash for them...(700k mistake cry)

Ael Domina, Melra Dualble II and III, I don't have so those will have to wait.

Dread Keeper I and II, and Gigas Augments I'm not wasting so that'll wait till I find something to put them on and have them.

The Legaro Augments I figured a bunch out, so they're mostly done from what I have.

In the next few days I'll get Straga weapon type BP and Geant Armor type BPs up there.

I am getting closer to finding out how to get the exact build for max BP ^.^

My guess is that Dread Keeper, Mastery, and Gigas Augments give relatively high BP and Straga and Geant Armor is likely stronger than I'm thinking. Looking at the ones that are high BP that I know of and ones that i suspect... They have Damage Resist so I'm thinking that is likely considered more valuable on an augment than other things... likewise HP > PP in terms of BP value.

Once I get Straga and Geant up I'll have a more concreate number there...

Soooooo... I got a decent amount of BPs. Many of the missing BPs can be guessed based on other BPs that are there... to confirm though I'd like some help

Anyone that has any of the following augments on a Straga, Cattleya, Primm, or Tzvia weapon, or Primm, Tzvia, Geant, or Qual de Armor to take a picture from their equip screen when they have nothing equipped and the item with this augment is about to be equipped...

I need the +BP number from the point that there is no equip and the items Augment list as well as what weapon and grind level/potential unlock it is. In most cases I can grab the data i need from that given the numbers I already have. Unless you have multiples on this list on a single item there is no problem. I have to turn to this mainly because it's obvious some of these are just nuts to try to get to use like this... like Master 3 = $22 million or more than 5000 of each resources needed to make 1. so anyways. If anyone can help please do post some pictures.

Stamina II

Stamina III

Technique I

Technique II

Technique III

Mastery I

Mastery II

Mastery III

Burn Ward I

Burn Ward II

Burn Ward III

Freeze Ward I

Freeze Ward II

Freeze Ward III

Shock Ward I

Shock Ward II

Shock Ward III

Blind Ward I

Blind Ward II

Blind Ward III

Panic Ward I

Panic Ward II

Panic Ward III

Poison Ward I

Poison Ward II

Poison Ward III

Pain Ward I

Pain Ward II

Pain Ward III

Sovereign Ward I

Sovereign Ward II

Sovereign Ward III

Dolz Soul III

Daityl Soul II

Pettas Soul II

Nex Soul II

Ael Domina

Dread Keeper II

Gigas Might I

Gigas Might II

Gigas Precision I

Gigas Precision II

Gigas Technique I

Melra Dualble II

Melra Dualble III