Achievements not unlocking on base PSO2 (MS store)

I can't unlock the episode 5 and 6 story achievements on the Microsoft store version but they unlocked fine on steam. I've reinstalled the game twice and still nothing. That did fix my NGS achievements, though.

Can you tell me some stuff you have and haven't done

@Drakaina I wasn't using tweaker, and I've repeated the story quests multiple times. Otherwise I've stated what I've done. Give me some examples, sorry I'm not really understanding.

Did you complete the episodes before or after the transfer

What difficulty have you done it on normal or hardcore

Have you tried to do it on a different character

Did you synchronise the accounts before after

I don't really know how to solve this but the more information we have the more we can now it down and see if someone else knows


  1. After the transfer. Both on Steam and MS

  2. Did it on both difficulties

  3. Just on my main. Not going through hours of skipping cutscenes again lol

  4. Accounts were synced last year before the episodes released.

If I had to guess, NGS broke old PSO2 achievements on MS version. I've heard they worked for people when they get on their xbox. I don't own one of those.

maybe achievement delay had it with a Halo MCC achievement with a Halo 2 Easter egg achievement didn't pop for a 2 weeks

@Drakaina I hope they pop. Been about a month and no luck yet.

Replied in the wrong section

in order to unlock the achievements you need to redo the story quest for then, both MS/Xbox and Steam achievements aren't shared for PSO2 so you need to redo then in each one.

@Jamesmor That's what I've been doing for the past year.

Sadly Microsoft cannot force unlock them

@Drakaina it's all good. I'll live if I can't ever unlock them. Just having them there when I've already done it over 20 times is annoying, you know?

I have the same problem. Downloaded and played the game, first time you play you automatically start NGS and I played for a few hours and unlocked two achievements. After which I decided to play the regular PSO2 first and after a day of playing I noticed I had not received one achievement. I replayed a few missions since to see if anything has changed, but I have never gotten a regular PSO2 achievement.

I think this issue is happening to my alt account too. After the release of NGS, the account could unlock NGS Xbox achievements like "A New Burst Era", "Knuckles on the Nogleths", "All-out Assault on Nex Aelio" or "Multi-weapon" on MS Store version PC. But it couldn't unlock original PSO2 achievements like "Turned Into One Who Controls Domains" (level 30 Techter), "Turned Into a Principled Paragon" (Hero), "Salvation at Hand" (EP5 story) or "Memories of Xion" (EP1 story) on PC.

I hope the dev team would have a look at this issue. Players can only unlock each achievement once per account, so this kind of problem is more difficult to check on the players' side.

@Fiona-Respha So to get the base achievements for the Windows 10 PC version, we have to play on an Xbox console until the devs fix it?