sell more cosmetic sets in the stores of the platforms or own, such as the ragol package

for example being able to buy the Quna idol set for $ 20 or $ 25 and thus being able to acquire the cosmetic directly since many players are unlucky and when trying to get nothing they can end up getting frustrated and not trying in the future for the lived experience, it could be, for example, sets of past events that cannot be completed by the end of time, and be able to attract users who do not trust their luck and give them the opportunity to purchase the desired set of cosmetics at a price they want, which Thus, generating profits and customer satisfaction and being able to give opportunities to clients who do not like the gacha, an example of this can be ffxiv that the clothing sets of past events are available at a certain time after said event and at the same time available to new players giving an opportunity to more income.

well thank for the time for read ^_^

The JP version "Rotates" certain scratches / etc. so that eventually the items in question will come back, rather than putting them on a store page/etc. This allows for players to come back/wanting to stay longer. As MMORPGs are more about keeping the player interested and keeping them engaged in the game rather than completely relying on sales figures.

FFXIV is a unique case because FFXIV requires a lot of funding (the game is, after all, partially a Triple-A single player game) and Square Enix is still recovering from multiple bad decisions (Spirits Within, FFXIV 1.0/Legacy, FFXV, etc.) that it needs such funding. Otherwise, there is no doubt that a lot of its seasonal items would have been kept in the seasonal NPC shops each year, rather than adding them to the mog station.

@Oriko-Mikuni The Gold Mission Pass is similar to what you are asking, as is the Fresh Finds Shop since in both of these cases you can use SG (which can be bought with real money) to directly buy the costumes and cosmetics. For anything from the AC Scratch, you can buy those from the Player Shops for Meseta, so as an individual you never actually need to deal with the gacha aspect, except in having to deal with supply.

I would say if they put up a fashion catalog where players go directly buy a fashion set it would sell but they would most definitely have to make the items Untradable so the player economy would not go belly up, they could eve alter the items slightly to add a suffix at the end of the name like {FC} for Fashion Catalog so other players would know that’s how someone got the items