Pso2 items get displayed at a very low res in NGS blocks.

Pso2 items like camos appear at a very low resolution (it looks like they’re by default at the lowest settings) in NGS blocks, this doesn’t happen in PSO2 blocks, where they display fine. I am on XBOX series X currently, is there any fix for that?

Have you checked the graphic settings on NGS side?

@GiustinoWah You can immediately notice the difference if you look at the blade.

@Anthro-Cheetah everything is at max, and the simple graphic settings too.

@GiustinoWah additionally, I’ve noticed that this issue only occurs with some weapons, and it’s also common on pc

I tried the camo but it is normal on my end on both the DB saber and sword. Can't replicate the resolution even changing some graphic settings.

Have you tried switching camo and switching it back?