Alliance last logged in

I recommend to be added to the alliance roster that you can see when people were last logged in as there is no indicator at all if someone has logged in on of not the only thing that ever popped up is (( no recent logins )) and I have no idea how long that takes to appear

Because for people who manage a guild and or people want to check if their friends have last logged on is impossible

This is needed more than ever now since so many players are not logging in anymore due to the low content

100% Agree.

For some odd reason, we can see players who haven't logged in for a long time on our Friends list. But that feature doesn't exist for Alliance members.

It does exist for Alliance members

Then I'm not understanding what you're asking here. You're saying the game already tells us there's inactivity for Alliance members? (strange I've never seen that yet).

But that's not detailed enough? You wanted exact days when they last logged in? So you can decide how long is TOO long?

@FuzzyHobbitKev yes I've only ever happened to one of my alliance members once I'm not friends with them and it said no recent logins that's all it said I want the exact day they were last song on xx days ago