Am I the only one who misses trading?

Honestly, it makes no sense that we cannot search for player shops or trade with one another. Did they ever state their logic on this?

Multi-account farming?

i've heard some people say it's to stop real money trading or to stop multi-account farming, yeah. however, i'm not sure if they've officially said so—and at any rate, many other MMOs take much less intrusive approaches to stopping bots. i feel like it's more that PSO2, unlike most MMOs, has always viewed trading as a luxury afforded only to premium users, so they see no issue with taking it away permanently.

it's certainly very inconvenient, and it really limits your ability to help out other players, but that might be intentional too? currently it takes a while to farm n-meseta, even for basic weapon upgrades, without at least buying a shop pass; and the more people who do that, the better for the company.

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Multi-account farming?

Except that didn't stop anyone at all. In fact, it just spurred people to find a work around; price super common items are absurd and highly specific prices to then search based on price.

All this managed to do is punish the players who follow the rules while barely impeding the ones they were trying to stop.

The reason trading doesn't exist in Phantasy star games is because it once did exist and it lead to duping because inherently the way the server/client code works would cause that regardless of the method used code wise.

The other reason is the simple method of anything dropped is on everyone's instance that would require changing the way that drops are handled which was changed because people were getting mad at others for going straight for the rare drops and ignoring combat or letting the one person kill stuff and then picking up the dropped loot before they could get to a point where they could pick it up.

@Durakken Except we had trading in PSO2 classic. Are you saying we had item duplication this whole time?

@Compass-Rose Probably. The way the server works between server/client connection it is, as far a i know, impossible for it to not exist to not be able to do it. It might take something that is hard to do but for a trade in the way PSO/U/O2 works necessitates it.

Basically the item is duplicated across the 2 players and the server. If one can log off so that t doesn't confirm on their end while confirming on the server the 2nd player can then confirm and get the item erasing the item from the server, meanwhile the first player still has the item.

That is generally how it works in theory i've never done it or seen it done or heard it be done which means they probably have more secure trading than that and having stop gaps or have changes in how the server works right there.

So yeah. There is probably a way to do it, but so far as i know no exploit has been found.

Given how much of a pain it is and how insecure it is that's why its likely not there right now if they ever put it back. Its an artifact of PS MMOs being action oriented which makes it easier to exploit while other MMOs are harder because what is handled server side is 99% of everything which prevents most exploits from happening like that.

@Durakken then isn't that only theoretical? like as you say, they probably had security measures against it, and it was available to anyone with premium in pso2 classic. why take out a working feature in ngs just because it could hypothetically be exploited in a way that it never has been in pso2?

@starryeyedgiant Maybe different engine made it hard to just copy and paste or something. I think Trading is essential so and I wish MMOs would stop taking it away, but oh well.

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@Durakken Except we had trading in PSO2 classic. Are you saying we had item duplication this whole time?

Yes. Some in JP who knew it at least kept it to themselves. Global was shameless about it, causing sega to put not only GL but JP shops as well in frozen mode. I've had to endure days of no shop over there due to this server abusing it publicly.

@okwithme2 That...explains alot.

@okwithme2 i see! it makes sense if that's how it is... of course, i'd rather have free trading even with some duping going on personally, but i can see how sega wouldn't like that at all.

I feel may be it's more about tax than about combating RMT. RMT is still alive and well in NGS via Personal Shops, because third party RMT is still infinitely easier through the back alleys than through official RMT (i.e. buying AC and setting items from AC scratches). If everything has to go through Personal Shops, they have a consistent way to remove excess money from the economy, including third party RMT money.

But today's update giving more weekly income baffles me. It looks like they're not taking inflation seriously, or maybe they simply don't think there is an inflation. I guess we just have to keep observing.

@kztm isn't it a common narrative right now that red box farming is responsible for inflation? if so, increasing weekly income would have a far smaller effect than red box farming, while significantly increasing the spending power of individual people and therefore disincentivising rmt purchases (if they were making them before).

@kztm But there are plenty of other money-sinks, such as augmenting/enhancing/unlocking potentials.

Give players more options to buy stuff from NPCs, and they can easily splurge meseta.