[NGS] Suspicious Cheater farmers

Hi, I'm sorry that this isn't a bug report but this is an urgent act that we need Sega staff to check this asap because this will permanently destroy the market system also destroy the game.

  • Some of my alliance crews told me that there are some cheat players(bots) warping at mobs and instant kill them (I don't have any evidence on this but pls checking for us.)


What is that meant to prove people can have a lot of items

@Drakaina Please understand that I don't have any intention to insult any hard-working farmers, but about asking Staff to inspect on this if there are cheaters among them.

I do respect If some people able to farm that much with their own power. I also agree that they are deserve to gain their profits fairly enough for their hardship. but if there really a cheater among them, in this case, it ruining those hard-working farmers as well.

People that are smart with the market also buy out the cheap stuff and add to bed and sell it at a higher price for a greater profit

that's what people do and it's not concerning to the topic. I'm asking Staff to inspect "if there're cheater" and if they really exist, let sega fix things and that will save the game market and that benefits to all of us players. If there ain't no cheater, It will make me clearlified.

No I don't disagree there definitely some form of cheating whatever the mcguffin is I don't know but it's there