PSA: Double/Triple check before you use your SG C Ticket's

I have, unfortunately, come across the situation where I exchanged one of these tickets for an emote I had already. I assumed that since I saw no text warning me that I DID already own the emote, spent my last ticket purchasing it. It wasn't until I saw that it was grayed out in my inventory that I then realized the error.

I did what I have typically done in other games where I have accidently exchanged an item for an incorrect one and reached out to Sega's support team to ask if there was any way they could help me. Previous experiences in other games games have given me the impression that support typically don't have an issue doing this, so long as there no history of you doing so repeatedly, amounting to you abusing the system.

Unfortunately, they said they could not assist me. I did suggest that they consider adding the same text disclaimer on emotes as they already have on basewear and innerwear to show that you already own the item, and while they did acknowledge my suggestion by reassuring me that they would pass it along, they also stated that there was no way it would be implemented soon.

What really bothers me about this situation is that they provide a disclaimer for items such as innerwear and basewear, since those items are consumed on use, whereas with emotes, which are again, consumed on use, have no such disclaimer. It gives one a false impression that the game will inform you if you already have an item, but should you happen to fall for that false impression, they offer you no recourse.

I made two mistakes. My first, I assumed that since it was a consumable item, that I would receive some notice indicating I already owned it, which was incorrect. My second, I assumed Sega support would be reasonable, and considering the contradictory nature of providing notices for some consumable items, while not for others, realize that the mistake is an honest one to make and rectify it without issue.

If there is one good thing that I could get out of this scenario, it's that my error will be able to prevent others from making the same mistake, and suffering from disappointment.

Yah, I feel your pain, I made that same mistake as well. Still, I was able to get some neat outfits and hair that I wanted for the LONGEST time. At least the SG scratchie is made permanent, So i'm not too worried, It's just that its going to take some time get the SG's I need.

I have to double check my emotes before I buy anything for this exact reason, it's even worse when it's a generic name like pose (number) or dance (number). I agree it needs to change.

And don't feel bad, I wasted a ticket on the wrong music disc. I was really disappointed hearing the wrong song playing. 😞

I did this with fresh finds a few months ago. It's a shitty problem that Sega seems happy with.

It really is pretty annoying considering almost every other game that I have played, if you do happen to make a bad exchange, there is typically a grace period, so if you DID make a mistake, hey no worries, you got a window of time to correct it, no big deal. OR, as stated, you can contact support, and as long as you're not abusing it, they're more than happy to help you.

Oh well. I'll probably go vent out my frustration by going and being a space ninja once it finishes updating. Hopefully this PSA can serve as a cautionary tale to others.

This also applies to stamps to an extent; the description doesn't say they're already learned.

Exchanging tickets for emote tickets are just a bit worse because in other places like Personal Shop listings the icons for the ticket are much darker if you've learned its emote, but this seems not to be the case with scratch choice ticket exchanges.

@IAMCRAIG said in PSA: Double/Triple check before you use your SG C Ticket's:

I did this with fresh finds a few months ago. It's a [snip] problem that Sega seems happy with.

I believe they did change it for Fresh Finds though?

I think they changed it for FF. I don’t remember the exact wording but it let you know you already have this emote, or I’d be sitting here with two Animal emotes now.