Who is working in this game?

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I'm not going to hold my breath for much more than a "WUH OH WE MADE A FUCKY-WUCKY, we have forwarded your messages to the dev team"

This made me laugh pretty damn hard, so thanks for that! But yea, while some kind of announcement would be nice, it would be coming a lot later than what I hoping for, but them acknowledging the community and the concerns they have been raising would be a step in the right direction.

Right now, I am arguing with myself on whether or not I should renew my premium since it's about to expire. I'm not having a lot of fun waiting for giga spawns and UQ's while killing time by murdering the same mobs over and over and over again, hoping to get a rod and 4* units with a lvl 5 perfoma fixa. The lack of fun content to engage with, coupled with the fact that my husband has already left the game, and no one from my alliance logs on anymore, I just, I can't justify the expense. Usually if one is lacking, the other can make up for the others shortfall, but when both content and community are lacking, then the game gets, well boring.

@Reiven if you want to stop paying for it, wouldn't blame you, since the content is very much lacking right now and with my PSO2 friends not logging on as of recent, I've lost my reason to pay for it as well.

Had 1 month and a week of it when NGS launched and yeah, when mine ran out, I wasn't feeling like paying for more of it, and I haven't spent any money on AC since NGS launched.


Sega's always had many spots open during various points of PSO2 development. Probably just how the company is run or job market in Japan in general. No idea why people are doomposting in and overdrive now about how the game's only been 2 years in development or how it has no dedicated dev team, both points being bullshit.

Don't they leave recruitment up most of the time? I've seen this sort of thing for other companies too.

Just FYI, the cache of the same page has existed since December of 2017 according to the Wayback Machine:


The only difference then was the part-time job listing tab, in which they were looking for Game Planner and Designer. The exact debugging work listing was shown later in Fall of 2020.


Ahh. Good to know. Thank you.

They need a new Game Director listing

I don't think the approach "business as usual" and "site was there since long ago" is a right one... I went over to check Square Enix job opportunities in Japan and for specific titles they got the Dragon Quest game and FF16. Then it is a mix of all kinds of different jobs on the side.

I used Squarenix for this as, well, FF14 and all that.

It makes me laugh a bit that the design of that page hasn't been updated since NGS was announced back in 2020. It still has screenshots from the first announcement video and uses design elements from the old JP website.

There's nothing particularly wrong with keeping those job listings up to help expand the teams working on the game, and I don't really see it as an indication that the existing teams are too small.

NGS is a far more ambitious project then PSO2 classic ever was. I wouldn't be surprised if SEGA believes the existing teams could do with a boost.


A right one? You went into full panic mode because Sega has job listings specifically as if it meant the game literally doesn't exist beyond the most recent update. I have no idea about your comparisons or trying too hard to be the paragon of virtue by pointing errors in Sega way, but if anything the fact that they have job listing is one step better than running the game with the current crew however many they are.

It is not uncommon for there to be constant changes in a development team throughout the year. Sellout Softworks(Bethesda) lost their lead level designer to Ubisoft for one thing a few years after Skyrim's release(he made all of the dungeons), and I think 2 years ago something like 100 people quit lmao and there was a job posting for several of their divisions.

I think nothing can top Square Enix's changes though. The failure that was FFXIV 1.0 saw the dismantling of that entire team and the resignation of the guy(1.0 used to be referred to as Tanaka-Era FFXIV) who created FFXI.

I'd think that link is legit because it came from the JP site.

Now we don't exactly know if there's any kind of strife going on in their division..because dev teams tend to keep hush on that stuff(think of it as a long term NDA contract) and you only find out from those who no longer work for them.

Side note: The above post made me laugh so hard I got a headache..


Stop your doomposting bs already. Its the same god damn picture its a fact.

God forbid they hire people. The amount of doomposting from the people on here is insane. Sega can't even hire more people without you guys assuming it's some sort of thing indicating that the team is dying.

Have any of you worked a day in your life or do you actually just sit online all day? Do you not realize that just about anywhere there can be multiple teams all with individual leadership positions in them contributing to a larger product?

@Brittany_Rose_C There are people on this forum and elsewhere who want to find the "smoking gun" that caused the game to be in the current state that it is. "Microsoft forced it out early", "NGS has a skeleton crew", "the episode 5 director has doomed the game" are examples of what I've seen elsewhere. Apart from the credits listed in-game, interviews, and livestreams SEGA do, we've not much idea what is happening behind the scenes.

IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga was in a similar state when it first released where it had a small part of the story available, some other quests to do as well as Idola battles. It's like SEGA want to gauge the reaction to the initial release of the game first before they consider putting more effort (and money) into it.

Perhaps with NGS, they're afraid of creating another Sakura Revolution and are playing it safe? I don't see why considering that PSO2 is one of Sega Sammy's biggest moneymakers. I'm not going to make baseless assumptions though.

@Brittany_Rose_C Sadly that's what these threads have turned into