Kingdom Hearts

Anyone play KH? It's been one of if not one of my favorite series of all time. Legend of Dragoon might be my favorite game ever, but the Kingdom Hearts series has always been my favorite, big part of that being because of Final Fantasy. Anyone play ReMind? Only one I haven't played/beat so far.

Because of Kingdom Hearts, I am wearing the Cursed Coat (カースドコート) outfit as one of my two main costumes since it's release on PSO2JP. (The other being "HUmar Replica" as a tribute to my main character on the original PSO.) Whenever I wear that outfit it makes me feel like being part of Organisation XIII. Who knows maybe I'll join an Alliance/Team named "Organisation XIII" on the NA version this time around. Or maybe start one myself. We'll see.

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And same for me, haven't played ReMind yet. Watched a play-through of it on YouTube and I think I'll leave it at that. Felt a bit disappointing.

I love Kingdom Hearts, and actually loved Kingdom Hearts 3. I am also a fan of the music (and as such liked Final Fantasy XV's music too).

Sora is one of my favorite characters, and Hikari is a song I can listen to on loop and not get tired of it.

I've enjoyed KH since the first one.

Mostly played the main series games along with Birth By Sleep.

Got to the secret boss of the KH3 DLC and gave up. Ended up looking up the secret ending on youtube. xD

In case nobody knows, the Xbox Store just added all the other KH games. It's awesome because I never got to play any of those games, except for one... on the GBA.

I loved KH as a series, but cutting the FF characters from 3 filled me with rage.

@John-Paul-RAGE I feel you man, it did hurt. Kingdom Hearts III became too much Disney, too little Final Fantasy. At least the ReMind DLC got several characters back but it still stings.

They Added kingdom hearts 3 to game pass a couple days btw

@ErinXh That's is awesome! I hope there is something like that for CAst or I'm going to have to make me a side Organization character lol

@Aperture-Mage A picture of the outfit in-game does do it a bit more justice. pso20200305_110016_000.jpg

Or whenever you feel like going Xemnas Boss Mode. pso20200305_110055_001.jpg

No worries, as CASTs are able to wear regular outfits as well as soon as you change them into 'Androids' so I say 😁

@ErinXh That looks so badass! Thank you for showing me this because now I have to get it!