I have some suggestions to sega to fix the game, but some people might disagree the idea I’m going to present.

The biggest elephant in the room after playing the game over month now is the shop. I think the lack of contents Is not the biggest issue, I play a lot game that brand new in the series that have less content to offers. For me beating game couple week early and not bother me much when developers take a lot time to update story and mission every years. I have patients with developer delivering game story content updates. But the problem I have with this game is limited F2P Shop access and not allow any F2P to post the items that they want to sell to make back their meseta. My suggestion is allow F2P have access to the shop or free pass to certain day or month to post their items that want to be sold. With this it allow the items that with inflation will goes down and be cheaper for everyone to purchase and keep the market in competitive price with a lot supply. As right now we don’t have good price for supply items like fashion or weapon fixas since the markets is control by premiums user. They are mostly control the whole stock and inflation the price to 10 million to 100 million. With a lot demand with from the F2P that want to buy the items. It will make harder any F2P purchase the items in any reasonable price also turn the player off from playing the games with high inflation. It basically supply and demanded 101, sega should know this and look into fix the markets. Also the red box issue and bot problems is good direction they try to fix but should done early. That all I have to say from experience playing the games.

(1) there is a massive amount of load of content unless you're referring just to new Genesis

(2) there was a way for people to gain access that were free-to-play to use the personal shop it was the fun scratch ticket it used to have a 3-day personal shop which has since been discontinued

(3) the market is the best it has ever been if you want to talk about inflation stuff in base is extremely inflated over 10 times as much now

@Drakaina I taking about NGS, I should make it clear about the game issue. Sorry