I loved base PSO2, it had so many enjoyable characters from Pati and Tia all the way to Risa. I spend over 200 hours enjoying all the story had to offer and was excited for New Genesis.

Unfortunately, as many people have stated this game is lacking content, and leveling up is such a slog that all there's left to do is just run around and kill monsters. We need these things to make the game more enjoyable (In my opinion)

More side content: I know more side content is coming in August along with the braver class, but I am worried we will only receive like 2-3 side missions that we'll blow through easily.

Decrease the mineral respawn time: Having to wait 24 hours just to get a some more minerals for upgrading is way to long. Mainly when this usually effects our dailies the next day.

Concerts: Quna and her concerts were probably my favorite aspect of PSO2, it was always nice to relax in the shopping district and listening to the music with my fellow arks

Seperate the storage: I'm glad we are able to use all our storage from base pso2, but unfortunately the vast majority of it is just not usable in New genesis meaning that many of the players storage was completely filled as they started their New genesis adventure

These aren't needed but something I would like to see return are

Player Homes: I am a sucker for player homes in MMOs, the ones in PSO2 really weren't fleshed out and because of that, I didn't really use it much. New genesis has a chance for more player homes with bigger customization.

An FOV slider: its just a nice thing to have, personally something I really like in games and think we should have one here