Incorrect calculation by game percentages on weapons and armor!

The calculation of the percentages of the potentials of weapons and armor is incorrect, in my case the game lowers the added percentages of the potential of weapons by 1% on each piece of equipment, ie. On the weapon it should be 6% and I have 5%, on the armor it should be in sequence 9% / 8% / 8% and it is 8% / 7% / 7%. In total, the 4% extra was gone.! pso20210731_140628_000.jpg pso20210731_140632_001.jpg pso20210731_140641_002.jpg pso20210731_140645_003.jpg pso20210731_140648_004.jpg pso20210731_140650_005.jpg pso20210731_140654_006.jpg pso20210731_140656_007.jpg Why is this happening?

known issue since launch, any decimal gets truncated 1.5% -> 1%

yea, mod said its been passed on to the team to be looked at. . .

It happens with BP and stats as well. When you level up you can see that sometimes it says that +x Stat and if you compare to another level up you'll get the same increases, but if you look at the BP it will go up a different amount. This, as far as I have seen, is because the stat is odd vs even which indicates that there is math going on where one of the stats are being divided resulting in a fractional solution to BP's number.