Total War Crossover event

Upfront, I'll just say that my only real exposure to Total War is with Three Kingdoms, but I think any of the various genres encompassed in the franchise would be nice to see. Knowing that Sega publishes both PSO2 and Total War, I'd love to see some of the phenomenal designs present in various TW games to appear as cosmetics in game. Outfits based on like, certain star characters and Weapon camos aplenty could be amazing to see. Just going to like, listing off some of my faves from three kingdoms, and I also invite any other TW fans to list some of their faves from other games in the series in the replies, if they so wish.

  • Green Dragon Crescent Blade (Partisan Skin)
  • Shang Gu Jian (Twin Daggers)
  • Serpent Spear (Double Saber)
  • Zhang Jue's Staff (Rod)
  • Outfits from Sun Ce, Cao Cao, Guan Yu, Lu Bu, and Zheng Jiang, for example

Just going to cap this off by adding that PSO2 and TW3K have been some of my favorite games of the past few years, and while I feel this suggestion feels a little out of place considering how most other people are suggesting things like gameplay features, I always feel very invested in PSO2's fashion scene and would like to see some of my favorite designs Sega's published be usable in-game.

If they did that, they could include Warhammer, and base TW series stuff like english/french/german weapons, aswell as much more, but i think Three Kingdoms franchise is actually owned by Bandai-Namco / Konami, since they produce all of the Three kingdoms games, (dynasty warriors / ROTK)

That being said, yes... traditional chinese weapons would be cool