Asking for some tips here...

Well, I am playing on global since it it released on steam. I used to play alot but I still havent leveled up all classes to level 100 in base PSO2, I currently only have the Hunter, Braver and Phantom classes at level 100 but thats all, all other classes are level 75 currently, and I wish to level them up to 100.

I know of those Tokyo Gold keys, but SEGA does not give them out anymore and earning them now is very limited (I know of the Fresh Finds shop near the title counter, but they cost 5 million meseta each and I dont have this meseta to afford it).

And since my meseta is very limited, with the addition of the infalted prices in the market due to Cradle, I just have very limited options when it comes to getting fashion, especialy that a small accessory costs over 500 million meseta. Running Cradle 10 times per day to just earn 50 million meseta does not sound very appealing to me, farming meseta constantly daily seems like a thing that would easily make me burnt out. Also cradle is not always available, so I'm pretty much at the mercy here as a F2P player with this.

Any tips?

I'm so sorry, Cradle has completely broken the economy. How I used to make meseta when I didn't feel like buying AC was just doing my weeklies and of course excubes & grinder at the NPC. What fashion were you interested in?

For leveling, the Exchange shop sells 500k exp tickets for class excubes. There's also random keys you can get as a reward for doing your Recommended Quests(under Main Quests at quest counter) every day, you could trade those in for gold keys if you got five of them. There are15k exp tickets and100% Triboosts for Buster Medals and you can get 75% exp tickets for Photon Spheres.

If you're in an Alliance(or just own your own) you can buy 100% and 150% Triboosts as well as Cradle triggers for times it's not available.

Aside from doing quests on the counter , There are the dailies , The Limited and of course the Guild only specific quests that you can do . Aside from all that, Franca over by the Cafe also has some quests that pay pretty well. Inside the Cafe, There is an excentric NPC that collects various quiorio items you can also make some meseta that way as well. IF you have mad stacks of Ex-Cubes I think you can exchange a stack of 33 EXcubes for 990 Grinders, then just sell the grinders for Meseta. That should be enough to get you started.

You can still get keys from recommended quests. The Meghatsu Runs / Keys will give you SG's.

I cant join any Cradle quest because I keep getting "Party is in Special Area" error, What does that even suppose to mean?

Means they started already, can't join in mid run