Why not Add a 5-7 day shop pass for 200-250sg

As the title says, the idea came to me while thinking about the eco of the market and the growing gap inbetween premuim and f2p players, prices are rising due to the influx of n-meseta from multiple sources some are legit and others are questionable and have caused quite a bit of contraversy.

I know this would reduce the "value" of premuim so to balance out the loss that would obviously cause arguments you can add the material storage to the premuim sub, while also having full shop, pso2 base perks, premuim pso2 day, more SA slots ect...

The reason i sugest the material storage is pretty simple, its value is second to none and already in the SG shop and anyone who has been playing pso2base or ngs will know the value in material storage, those that have premuim will normally have a monthly budget for material storage saved up to keep it active, if we add it to the premuim subscription the value of it in itself will be more than a 5-7 day shop pass.

This is just my idea to give access to the "open" market to F2P players and it works off the current systems in place and can be easily added, it will work just like how material storage does now and has been, we get SG through events and daily log ins, new players can go back to base and farm up 1000's of SG through the story and title system. So while it seems like giving f2p players free shop access, you still have to do some work and log in to obtain it and its not too bad to do once or twice a month.

If there is any better ideas or nitpicking so this can become a more well rounded idea, or if i have forgot an important factor, this idea can be changed and worked on with more input so (maybe) it can be implimented (if they read and listen) so it can be helpful while also minimizing the impact on other parts of this game.

thats actually too expensive for 7 days. thats more expensive than the $7 (700ac) 30 day pass after conversion to sg.

@AngryRhombus563 yeah it does seem expensive, they could match the maertial storage timer and prices then?

i may have focused too much on the lower timer on the ticket

or shot being stingy and make it free for everyone and drop this ridiculous "premium" scam

Yeah, we don't need to compromise with Sega for this. Shop passes should be free since it only benefits the market by having more people being able to sell stuff.

And to the usual suspects; No, removing FUN shop passes did literally nothing to stop RMT sellers since they already jack credit card information to buy shop access (usually from the dumb assholes that buy from RMT sites to begin with)

sadly, while we might be able to make minor changes to how sega wants to make money from us, unless we can change how the whole gaming industry wants to make money of its playerbase via f2p we can only do it one step at a time, the idea of free to play is everything in the game should be playable through some means, if the devs want to lock it behind years worth of grinding and you can pay to skip that then fine, as long as its not vital to progression, but as it stands F2P players can never get to use the shop, never. There is no system in place to give them that part of the game, and there should be.

I'm all about compromise but this is the one thing players shouldn't have to compromise on. No other game has the indecency to even do this, not one. There might be restrictions for F2P players like limited slots but never locked behind an optional subscription, it's absurd and they deserve to hear how ridiculous this is. We shouldn't give them a dime for this, not even SG. If they want to put in slot restrictions or something else to encourage players to go Premium then that's fine, but you don't run a "free" game by making F2P players feel outright unwelcome. The market is a basic function of any game, it should have always been free.

Without this stupid FUN scratch nonsense, maybe we can fight for it.