Give us more ways to make meseta

I really liked this game and wanted to stick with it but after hearing about all this red box farming, I have not logged on since. I'm stuck doing the daily/weekly while some people out their are making 400k+ an hour or I guess two hours now due to some of the new restrictions from Sega but its not stopping it. Just give us all a good way to make meseta that makes red box farming obsolete, so a certain portion of the community can't control the markets and screw the rest of us over by inflating prices.

If everyone makes twice as much from gameplay in general, the prices of items in the player shop will simply double. All you're really accomplishing (besides trivialising the in-game money sinks like enhancement costs) is to make the money injection from red container abuse half as worthwhile, and you could accomplish that just as easily by halving the money in the red containers that are accessible below 950 BP.

As for the new restrictions not stopping it; they haven't even taken effect yet so how could they? They'll take effect after next week's maintenance. If anything the announcement about it in advance might have encouraged some abusers to do it more now because it's easier now than it will be in a few days.