[NGS] updated Alliance facility

It would be nice if we could have a updated Alliance facility @Richter-Lion made a similar suggestion Here but here is my take on what I would like


  • For those of you that have played

ESO( with your house)

HMCC ( Forge game mode )

Warframe ( ship and clan )

I would like a placement system like that

  • music playlist ( be allowed to register any and all music and set them in a playlist that you have currently obtained and are going to obtain in base or Genesis)

  • selective music ( with the jukebox or whatever we will be able to use to play music have an option for all members that you can change what YOU hear only will not change it for anybody else as long as it's registered default music still plays and all whatever music the the leader or officer has set)

  • selective range ( something the leader and or officer can setup with the the music which gives a radius ring around it of how far you can hear it and will adjust loudest like in real life depending on distance )

  • improved Alliance tree ( add more options than what they were in base like having a mineral tracker old chances to get more the same with tame meat and fruit and vegetables )

  • Trophies ( overtime by doing XX task in the game the Guildhall would start to Adorn trophies have a default condition and can be toggled on and off)

  • pets ( just normal like pets in the the alliance that you can interact with if and when the Summoner class Returns add those as well )

  • treasury ( similar to Fable 3 have a treasury that has Mesets SG AC as well as some weapons and materials that changes size over time depending on what has been accumulated )

  • Sparring Arena ( where you can just test out stuff with unlimited pp or just battle with your friends)

  • add more if I think of any more if I like people suggestions

@Drakaina These would all be pretty nice features. Treasury should also include Alliance Storage Access. Note that, given how this storage works, access to it would work (basically Alliance Storage), it would need to be locked behind the completion of Side Quest Aina's Resolve just like Personal Shop; but limited access to the feature should be granted even to F2P players after they complete this quest. Full feature access I guess would be granted to premium players. In the past, F2P could not access Alliance Storage at all, so this would be a nice change.

As for what I would like, it would be mainly:

  • Alliance Quarters Custom layout

  • Being able to place furniture in alliance quarters

  • Improved furniture placing system (more options in terms of position)

These are all points that are probably already addressed in your post provided that people already knew how guilds work for the games you mentioned, but wanted to make light of them just in case (because I am not totally sure either :3 ) 🙂

@Richter-Lion the stuff I mentioned is purely cosmetic about the money and what not is purely cosmetic

This post is deleted!

@Drakaina Oh Wait! I get it now! sorry; I actually read it wrong 😄 you mean as in displaying AC, SG and Meseta physically XD That would be really interesting. :v

@Richter-Lion you ever played Fable 3

@Drakaina Nope. Just Fable 2; but I can pretty much imagine how this would work 🙂

@Richter-Lion yeah yeah if there is unique weapon series like lightweaver if a member of the Guild acquires that weapon it would be added to the hip or the Treasury or wherever they decide to put it

@Richter-Lion you ever played ( Canis Canem Edit /bully ) same game just have different names on different regions something like that with Jimmy Hopkins dorm room when you complete XX thing

@Drakaina I see; makes sense. I had never played the game, but just checked a video on it 🙂