Glissen Wire turned into Glissen Talis

Good evening! The other day while playing during the event, I realized I had enough seasonal points to buy another weapon. I decided to finish buying the melee weapons, of which I had one left, the Glissen Wire. I bought my wire, played with it a bit, and logged out.

During the time that maintenance was cancelled and the servers were left up (July 27th), my game began acting weird. Nothing serious, just menu lag and the UI was showing some display errors. I actually thought the servers had gone down and I was in limbo. I noticed the "Basic Stats" panel had my seasonal points showing as "Your points: 0" and "Points Earned This Week: 0/0". In my inventory, I now saw "Glissen Talis" instead of the wire.

I had hoped this was just a display glitch that would be resolved later, but when my seasonal points panel reappered properly, I was still left with the talis. I have attached screenshots showing the seasonal vendor, which show the talis as "1 purchasable" and the wire as "0 purchasable". I have also included a screenshot of my character using the talis.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Bug1.jpg Bug2.jpg Bug3.jpg

You sure you didn’t just get another lightening weapon (tails) out in the field? I think you got both tails and wire on you.....lightening weapons doesn’t give you a rare drop notice because it is 3 stars.