Make "General + NGS" forums into "General + PSO2 Classic" instead

The current split (a general forum + a PSO2:NGS forum) made sense when NGS was just a little closed beta going on, but I don't think the split really makes sense anymore. General Discussion's always gonna be used for whatever the latest/predominant version of the game is, which now that NGS is launched, is NGS. But there's also a NGS-specific forum, so we just basically have two forums used for NGS chat right now, which just splits up discussion and makes things a little weird when there's some PSO2 Classic stuff mixed in with it too.

Either by renaming "general chat" to "pso2 classic" and PSO2:NGS as "general chat", or by merging the two current forums and just making a new forum for legacy/classic PSO2, I think it'd probably make more sense to have a split-off forum for the remaining legacy-pso2-specific chat, and rolling the NGS chat into a single forum.

@Akonyl If you try to access the forums from the NGS site you'll see it imply they are planning to make forums specifically for NGS. I don't really know what the hold up is for them releasing it though.

Hm, interesting, thanks for the info. We'll see when it happens I suppose, it's also weird to me how the NGS site's still instead of the base level domain. Maybe they're waiting until some of the heat dies down to launch the NGS forums officially, to give it a clean slate at the start instead of just starting with player complaints.