A Solution to the Dichotomy Between Classic and NGS Female CAST Parts

One of the things I was most-excited about to see in NGS was the new female CAST parts that would be introduced, and so far--they have not disappointed--with the Svela set being one of my favorites in the entirety of PSO2 (Concept Art: SvelaCA.jpg, On My Character: Svela.jpg).

However, NGS female CAST parts made a rather-significant change by opting to use "Sub Color 2" as an additional trim color, whereas "Sub Color 2" functioned as female CASTs' skin color before the graphical update. Therefore, color combinations that look really nice on NGS female CAST parts end up looking strange and unintended on many PSO2 classic female CAST parts; for example, the Helma set (Concept Art: HelmaCA.jpg, On My Character: Helma.jpg).

Although it is possible to simply change my Sub Color 2 whenever I switch between PSO2 classic and NGS CAST parts (Helma Set With Changed Sub Color 2: Helma2.jpg), this is a rather expensive and inconvenient solution, due to the limited nature of Color Change Passes. Therefore, I wanted to bring this topic to the attention to the PSO2 Team in hopes of a more-practical solution being developed. Some of the solutions I've personally theorized about included adding a checkbox that allows the player to toggle between using their "Sub Color 2" or their "Skin Color" on their CAST parts, or even allowing players with an active Premium Set to change their CAST colors without the use of a Color Change Pass. However, any solution to this issue would suffice.

I am aware that CASTs are in the minority of the playerbase--especially those still using CAST parts from PSO2 classic, and that a solution to this issue would take valuable time to develop. Therefore, I understand if nothing ever comes to address this problem. However, I feel that a large number of veteran CAST players would appreciate the implementation of a solution. ☺

Isn't there an option to desync NGS and PSO2 avatars, or does that not apply to the CAST colors for some reason?

@LusterMain Yeah, desyncing your PSO2 and NGS characters only applies to body proportions. CAST colors (as well as facial proportion settings) are shared between both, with no option to de-sync.

Now that you mention it, adding the option to de-sync them would be another solution (albeit, a potentially challenging one to implement, depending on how data is organized within Character Preset files).