Met with an improbable unfortunate KO towards the end of a UQ just now. Used a N-Half Scape Doll because apparently 7 other people have no Reversersigne between them.

The game proceeded to not revive me for several seconds until about 0.01s after the boss died, which meant I got no EXP or any credit towards one of the 9th Anniversary Weekly Tasks.

But it still consumed a N-Half Scape Doll.

What good is wasting a scape doll at the end of a UQ after the boss is dead?! Even PSO2 auto-revived everyone after the boss dies in pretty much every instance. NGS should do the same, which would have meant the scape doll wouldn't have been used as you wouldn't have been KO'd.

This game literally sells Scape Doll as a direct purchase. If someone spent money on one and lag prevented them getting the benefit out of the reason they chose to use it, it's stolen their purchase.