Adding quests to NGS.

I'd like the dev team to add quests that can be selected and replayed at will without waiting for them to randomly pop up. I want said quests to reward players with meseta, materials, minerals, exp, and have the monsters drop items.

I know that NGS is an open world game, and this may be counter to what the vision of open world is, but I love the series because I love Phantasy Star, and Phantasy Star Online, not The Legend of Phantasy Breath Of The Star.

Jokes aside; The game has devolved into a waiting game. Waiting for gigas, waiting for EQs, waiting for vets to spawn, waiting for minerals to respawn so we can circle the map once per day (which is honestly getting tedious and I fear for the future when we get more regions to circle for minerals x.x). I know that developing a whole endgame loop isn't the easiest thing, but in order for an endgame loop to exist in the first place the player needs to be able to partake in it at their leisure.

On the last headline, we got an announcement for defense quests, and of course it's an emergency quest that we're going to have to wait around for. Again, I get that it's an open world, but straightforward questing has been one of the series' greatest strengths since the dawn of PSO, and the lack of quests that the player can select at will is harming the game in its current state. The closest thing we have to something like that are cocoons, towers, and story quests but it's 100% pointless to do those more than once and story can't be repeated.

We need quests in NGS desperately.