Time is of the Essence

Have said so before, and will keep on saying it; having time display in game is an essential feature.

Some people need to keep track of time and it is hard when immersed in a game, so having it somewhere placed in the UI/HUD (maybe under the mini map and also in the menu) would be great.

On the other hand, some people might not like to see time; so an option to toggle it can be added as well.

@Richter-Lion it's not the games designers responsibility to keep track of your poor time management skills the only one they may even consider adding in is the ingame clock not a real one

( I mean people as a whole ) ( my reasons why are later in the post)

I just have a clock in the room that I can look over at.

@Drakaina I mean; even if it is not their responsibility, this is a feature that is very easy to add. And it is a suggestion, based on what I would like 🙂 Thought that I would use In-Game suggestion section of the forum for that :v Other MMORPGs I have played have this; so I don't see why not attempting to suggest it 🙂

Oh yeah I also use the food and mag buffs as a timer since they are two hours long.

@Weirdo I can easily just use MSI Afterburner too hook time in the game if it comes down to it. But I want this to be a in game feature; there are many features that can actually be replaced by the user's own means, but that doesn't mean they can't or shouldn't be implemented. This a feature that would make things easier for a certain amount and type of player and is of no harm to others 🙂

You could always just use Alt+Tab to check your computer's clock. Takes about 5 seconds.

@Yggranya I don't wanna alt tab when fighting; Also, even so, I don't see why would people be so against implementing this lol. System Time is just a variable.

@Richter-Lion Telling you about options available to you isn't being against anything, dummy.

@Yggranya Yeah but, the purpose of this post is asking for the feature; I already know what else I can do while not having the feature 🙂 As I stated on my reply to weirdo.

No one is against having a ingame timer for in game time that would be quite useful

But to implement a feature because people are too lazy to keep track of the real-time themselves it probably not high on their list of priorities

@Drakaina It's not because I am lazy; sometimes I can lose myself in the game; and alt tabbing constantly is not precisely efficient, specially, if you are inside an Urgent Quest. I like knowing time, it is not necessarily because I am in a hurry to go into a meeting or anything; it helps me keep track of what I am doing as well 🙂 and Even if it is not in their list of priorities, again, I don't see why I wouldn't suggest it 🙂

@Richter-Lion because no game I have ever played hasn't real timer and I played over 500 games ( Skyrim did but there was a mod to change it to real time so that doesn't count)

@Richter-Lion said in Time is of the Essence:

Also, even so, I don't see why would people be so against implementing this lol.

I'm just saying that such a response is pretty absurd. Anyway, good luck with your suggestion.

@Yggranya Wow. I mean, if you didn't like my suggestion from the very beginning I guess you could have just ignored it man o: No need to be like that 😞