Alliance Improvements

  1. NGS needs something equivalent to Alliance Quarters.

  2. Alliance Quests in NGS would come in handy; rewards would be points just as in base game, which can be used for different things.

  3. Alliance individual weekly contribution rewards.

  4. A more detailed enrollment history window, so that all information since the creation of the alliance is displayed, as well as when a player quit the alliance.

  5. Alliance boosts (just like Alliance Tree in base game; maybe in this case some sort of an AI NPC? 🙂 ).

  6. Possibility of Custom roles creation (with names given by officers and leader, and a specific set of permissions, similar to Discord).

  7. Las log-in date for all members in the alliance; possibly only visible to officers and the Leader.

  8. More slots; alliances definitely need to be able to have more than 100 members.

  9. Get Alliance Storage feature again; Both Meseta and Items should be able to be put in here. Access for F2P players can be limited (can only access part of the storage and no meseta. For this purpose Storage can be divided in "vaults"); Aina's Resolve Side Quest should also limit access to this feature.

  10. Alliance shop

We desparately need something to hold alliances together in NGS, even the one I'm in is now basically dead and it used to be one of the most active alliances in PSO2 on ship 4.

@Richter-Lion send this is your post to how will we acquire Alliance points apart from the alliance Quest

And would the upgrades carry on through if you have already got them

We do need more alliance features in NGS. Right now there is the chat and being able to see who is online currently and what block they are in and location if in the same block.

@Weirdo I want a Alliance quarter similar to Warframe

Alliance quarters were always a good place for screenshots and hanging out.

@Drakaina I can't actually think of a different way other than Alliance Quests; Unless there are also weekly "Tasks" introduced. Maybe, depending on how the alliance performs with respect to other Alliances in a specific week, extra points can be obtained.

@Drakaina Also, I think it would only be fair for Alliance Storage Upgrades to carry over; Oh, and Music Disks! 🙂

@Richter-Lion in base game I just had 3 of my friends just wait in the ship and I would just speedrun Daybreak problems getting 105 Alliance points per run

@Drakaina I don't remember there being another way other than Alliance Quests to get Alliance points in base game o: Guess I didn't look into it in detail.

All of the games in the casino gave alliance points, I believe 50 points a day for liking in lookbook, points on quest clear, big boss kills gave points I believe (ones with the diamond and not the triangle), and turning in client orders also gave some points.


You can earn Alliance points by pretty much doing anything


  • R Slots 3 AP

  • A Slots 3AP

  • Blackjack 10 AP

  • Roulette 20 AP

  • Shooter 20 AP

Exploration ( with Alliance members )

  • Solo 35 AP

  • With 1 55 AP

  • With 2 85 AP

  • With 3 105 AP

( the first story mission in episode 1 by the name close encounter with a masked demon is the fastest solo Daybreak province is the fastest with a group )

( Alliance quest very too much to put here )

Wow o: I didn't know 🙂 Well, maybe completing dailies and weeklies could also yield points then 😄

@Richter-Lion would killing xx amount foes give xx amount per kills coz quest are gone

Maybe maybe. But that would probably be extra; it is definitely good to also have Alliance Quests 🙂