Bringing Trade, Alliance Storage and Personal Shop Passes (3 Days) to NGS

It is not a secret to anyone that the lack of these features actually greatly impacted player base (specially shop passes and trade actually).

Now that, Aina's Resolve Side Quest will be a requirement to unlock access to Personal Shop, it is a great time to start thinking about the re-introduction of these features; being the Personal Shop Passes (3 Days) available for free through some method just like in base game; but maybe acquirable amounts can be limited per month.

Note that Trade and Alliance Storage access, as well as access to personal shop tickets, would also be locked behind the completion of that quest.

This post is deleted!

@Richter-Lion what item would you use to obtain it

@Drakaina Let's see; it could be available at exchange shop; probably for either SG or AC items or their equivalent recycle badge. And it would be available on limited amounts per month 🙂

@Richter-Lion I believe they should just bring back the X Cube but make it a permanent set value so having boosters will not increase its chance to drop

@Drakaina We would have to see 🙂 I do think that as long as they bring them back in some way it is a win 🙂