This game has no future until we get a new director

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I'm incredibly dissapointed with the current state of NGS to be honest right now. Lemme list the points why:

  • No content to indulge yourself in. Thats right, there are no challenges, no forms of extreme quests to challenges yourself. And no, I dont consider cocoons/towers, I only see them as tutorials/quests to get class points, and do not provide any interesting I would consider instant action challenge that extreme quests did in base PSO2.

  • This is not NGS specific, but it still applies on the critical state of PSO2/NGS. The market is completely skewed up, especialy in base PSO2 and so is in NGS. NGS has the problems as F2P players do not have any other option to earn meseta other than the weeklies which do not give much, F2P players cannot use the market awell to sell items for meseta and thats dissapointing. It's bad because NGS is already suffering from Market inflation because of the RMT'ers and bots.

  • Also, in base PSO2 players had Daily orders from Fina which also used as a way to earn meseta, and they we're updated daily with something new to try, I also consider this a part of content fun to tackle. Although thats not relevant anymore considering how SEGA has completely skewed up the market in base PSO2 with Cradle of Darkness, seriously small cosmetic and accesories cost over 200 million meseta, what the fuck... I blame this both on SEGA's terrible practice with Cradle and those Insanely greedy whales putting insane astronomical prices on the market.

  • NGS Fashion is awful, to simply put it. NGS fashions do not have any style whatsoever, most NGS scrathes is just either little girl dresses and maids and thats all. Base PSO2 offers much more interesting variety in fashion, you could make your character anything with base PSO2 selection of fashion items, you cannot do much with the NGS fashion. I also find it so funny that all of the NGS fashion basewears do not support any outerwear, let alone none of the scratches have any NGS outerwear. It's pretty much Outfits but in the basewear section, it does not make any sense whatsoever and it is so limiting as NGS fashion forces you into certain style and does not give you any variety.

  • Base PSO2 scratches offered like 5 different sets of Outerwears, basewears and innerwears, combine this with the addition of outfits and so many accessories aswell, thats alot, and it supported good variety, something that NGS scratches pale so much.

To address your 4th point. That alone is widely subjective. Also what is a "little girl dress" and what in ngs counts as one? Also you speak about a game thats had 9 years worth of scratches and expect a game that just came out to have as many options....come on dude.

Apparently, the development team is understaffed. But yes, they need a new director. Someone that isn't afraid to be in the public view of the players and address their concerns. Look at Naoki Yoshida from Square Enix, that dude isn't afraid to get on live streams and address players questions and concerns live in front of everyone. Meanwhile NGS Headlines are prerecorded videos that are incredibly tone deaf with the director never showing his face instead hiding behind another guy.


@Robo-Tradez123 the EP6 director Yoshioka (YSOK) appeared in basically most of the PSO2 Station+ and before COVID hit were live - however became pre-recorded afterwards, but YSOK still appears. It took awhile for SE to get it right also, I recall in the beginning players complained that all the live letters were JP only. But yea, NGS Headline is not well received at all.

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@Robo-Tradez123 the EP6 director Yoshioka (YSOK) appeared in basically most of the PSO2 Station+ and before COVID hit were live - however became pre-recorded afterwards, but YSOK still appears.

Hm, do you think it would be possible to ask for those broadcasts (they were that, right?) to come back and give us a translation over global? That would be neat for everyone, wouldn't it? I mean, new ones, of course.

I also don't mean ditching NGS Headline completely, for what it is, it works... as soon as the revival scratches are done, it shouldn't be that heavy on those, right?

@Shiyo Not to mention this entire game is just one big ecchi harem RPG. I bet someone had to tell him "Uh you can play a girl" and thus Persona was created. Not to mention all the paywalls to everything. There's wanting money to survive and there's taking advantage of people who have gambling problems.

@Maverynthia Ecchi Harem?...NGS is VERY tame compared to Base PSO2. Hell NGS hasnt even released a "sexy" LA or anything of the sort yet. We arent even getting our first bikinis til the 25th. SO thats an d take.

Any way if they are understaffed that may explain the state were in

@XenoBladeX37645 25th of August is when it also starts to stop being tame compared to PSO2. I'm pretty sure PSO2 was tame way back in 2012 too when it launched. They're also planning to remake the not-so-tame PSO2 outfits like duskwake regalia (one I want)

@AngryRhombus563 Just because we get ONE scratch that has bikinis n it, doesnt mean the game stops being more tame than pso2. ZIts going to take far more for that to be the case. And as far as ive seen theyve nor put out a statement saying whats being remade and what isnt, unless ive missed something

@XenoBladeX37645 So you have the expectation that it will stay tame? We'll see 🙂 Also they announced the 'winners' of the poll for outfits we want to see remade, and duskwake regalia was one of the top 3 upvoted. They'll likely remake just about everything they included in that poll.

@AngryRhombus563 No, im just not going to assume. And if those 3 get remade, good on the people that want em.

*new company

I think they should sell themselves cheap to Kojima Productions and allow Hideo Kojima to make Phantasy Star great again.

@AngryRhombus563 Would photons become akin to nanomachines in MGS? If so, I'm in 😛

I really do wonder what a Kojima version of Phantasy Stat would be.

@Archetype-Luna I think under Hideo, photons and our players ability to use them will actually be better explained. I'm sure sega in some game in the past may have talked about it, but they leave it out in anything modern. "Xion showed us how" the end. he could redo the entire story and some how make the game feel like real life but constantly remind you in some way that its still a game.