Mastery augment hoarder?

Apparently someone or a couple of people are buying all Mastery augments that were usually in the 18-20k range before and are selling it for minimum of 30k up to 50k each. Please don't buy these augments for now and let them suffer for trying to break the economy.



I'm pretty sure demand for Mastery just increased due to Braver being confirmed to arrive at the beginning of next month, and that multi-damage type Augments will be needed for it.

I'm honestly not expecting it to go back down to its original prices until September, if at all (considering that Bouncer is also coming this year).

@NackDN Nah. It's definitely someone wants to manipulate the prices. There are still people selling it at the normal price but they keep buying it and selling it for double, now triple the price. Piece of sh*ts. Mastery isn't that hard to get, the only problem we have are trinites which you could only get like 30-40 per day. I'll just stick with creating by myself I guess. The prices right now are ridiculous. Please don't by the augments in ship 1 so that these smucks regret what they are doing.


Can't you trade 5 grinders for a trinite?

New class, new weapons coming out, will probably see the price spike even more afterwards.

@HarmlessSyan said in Mastery augment hoarder?:

Can't you trade 5 grinders for a trinite?

New class, new weapons coming out, will probably see the price spike even more afterwards.

Limit of 20 x Trinite per week.

I say it's just inflation because limited supply/high demand(but also limited wealth), prices on Ship 4 are just about the same and were also cheaper before myself and a few others begun to collect Mastery augments as future upgrades.

The Revival AC Scratches made the Mastery market take a backseat for a bit so it was lower earlier until we finished throwing Meseta at other players for fashion, now we're back at the mega slow Mastery grind...and even with 2 people it becomes a competitive market to acquire these sadly.

Not saying I'm right but this is my experience and what I think below :

I was originally paying 180-200k per Mastery II prior to the Revival Scratch, less people were going for them at that time too though because they were gearing Geant still and investing in a high Fixa Glissen(ongoing for some still) that most of that dust has settled, some people are back at the Mastery market for future gains, but again, it's an extremely limited market so even 2 people can put a strain on the prices and cause you to pay a premium for it.

But uh...there is -still- always that one bum that is going to scalp it out though at the very bottom of the item search page.