PSO2 launcher wont allow me to play the game

heres what im missing on my requirements: Screenshot (10).png Screenshot (12).png

its kinda confusing since it says here its "Windows 10 Version 18362.0 and higher" and yet it also says that my current version is not supported even though its "higher " and also theres the other problem which is the virtual machine and im a bit of a boomer and idk whats Virtual Machine :l

and lastly heres the thing about my pc if its missing something or not (sorry for posting 2 much pictures I guess) Screenshot (11).png

i7 860 doesn't have support to AVX that's the reason why you can't run the game and unfortunately there's nothing that can be done over it other than getting a CPU that supports AVX.

@Jamesmor so a 2nd gen processor will do?

@CodeNameAki11 that will depend if it offers AVX support or not, that is pretty much the only limitation that PSO2 has now.