Reasonable solution to problems with UQ design.

Now since people are actually worried about the prospect of the limited meat of the NGS content being random time gated event, I have decided to write up what seems like a system to capture all the benefits of UQs while trying to remove many infuriating things about them.

The solution is rather simple. Sega needs to provide a "quest counter" NPC even if for sole purpose of implementing the system (it's also a good way to populate the city). Talking to the NPC you are presented with a menu of "planned operations", which are just UQs you can instantly queue for. Players also have a pool of both daily and weekly "operation points" they can spend when queuing up for UQs. The balancing target would be something like getting 1 run of any single UQ daily, and 3 weekly runs you can use at any time. When player is able to pay up with operation points everything is rather normal in that you matchmake with other planned operation UQ players and participate in the usual version of the quest. If the player isn't able to provide the points you can still join a planned operation in the same queue as other players but you're treated exactly as a damage reduction triggering player for the sake of drops and task progression, that's you can't really get anything out of the quest.

This simple mechanic generally aim to improve the following areas:

  1. Players who can only play at a given time a short amount of time don't feel locked out of big part of the game's content
  2. Players who enjoy gameplay can both challenge the quests solo at any time or help out their friends even after they have obtained their allowance of loot, which should help fill out queues and also make it easier for alliances to help out new players with less popular UQs or similar.
  3. UQs aren't written off and still serve as a bonus, but you don't feel locked out of anything.
  4. In similar vein if planned operations have problems with player queues you can still fall back on UQs which are very good at concentrating player numbers towards a single quest.

While daily limits might seem like not too much or a partial solution , I feel like UQs are entirely fine in that they allow the game's developers to set reasonable drop rates and stop grinders from getting too ahead of normal players who aren't willing to keep repeating one quest for most of the day. The worst thing about them really is how you feel like you don't get to play what you want to play when you're simply unlucky with the schedule/RNG and the times you log on in, and how you can't have another run of the quest right away even if you deeply enjoyed the content piece. Having both some allowance of runs with drops and for fun only runs should greatly help with these problems, and further along the game's lifecycle old UQs can be allowed to be run for free with full drop tables or diminished drop tables as the system can be balanced on the fly rather easily. It also doesn't present the trigger problem where either you had to pay some equivalent in meseta (even if in many cases it turned out to be nothing) or SG to get one, or grab one from the UQ you don't get to run too much.

sounds a bit like that god awful stamina system buster quest originally had


Don't compare it to the Buster abomination system. Buster system had several problems, none present in this one since it's basically a normal raid limit system used in many MMOs but implemented on top of existing UQ system and offering the best case of practice mode. You're not required to grind up cut-down free matches or grind ranks in them to participate in some kind of main match mode.

What I got from this is you want triggers

These aren't triggers exactly because the limits are set on refresh, rather than requiring you to obtain triggers and hoping the one you want isn't locked to SG exchange that won't pay for itself. In fact this whole thing I brainstormed in 60% just to have easy access to time gated gameplay content, with drops being kind of a secondary thing not to bring any problems with loot balancing or forcing people to do way more quests to keep up now. Triggers really failed hard at even something as simple as letting you replay old TDs in PSO2, those that didn't even have UH so were virtually worthless with their rewards.