Party Voice Chat is on even if you disable it

Hi Everyone, Sometimes even if you have selected the "Don't use" option in voice chat settings, the other players in your party can still hear your microphone along with all sounds or voices heard around you. This bug is happening in PSO2 NGS.

This bug happened in Old PSO2 as well, however in old PSO2 it showed a symbol that the microphone is turned on and you could just turn it off again, but in PSO NGS, it does NOT show the microphone symbol but the other players in your party can hear you WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION and WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEGE. Today I was shocked when my party member was asking me what song I was listening to because they could hear it on their side.

This is a MASSIVE BREACH OF PRIVACY and please acknowledge or address this issue immediately as it is illegal to publicly broadcast someone's microphone to other players without their permission and that they don't even know other players can hear them.

To deal with this issue, currently I have completely disable the microphone in my computer from the computer settings. I can't imagine maybe saying my password out loud while I type it and someone in my party now can access all my accounts, or discussing any other sensitive matters in the real world and the people in my party now heard all of it.

Further details on the bug: It seems to occur when you have switched audio devices (plugged in a new audio device), even if you have the "don't use" in voice chat, if your other party members have voice chat enabled, they will hear you and you will hear them too. Be careful everyone, when you play this game or party or other players, just disable your microphone until SEGA at least acknowledge or address this bug.

That is horrifying.

This must be a PC only thing this can't happen on Xbox as It have a dedicated party chat on its own

That must suck tho