When NGs came out I was bewildered w joy indeed! Stayed up the whole time 4 that shaky start… grinded w all the strength I had in me, woke up-n put in those solid hours.. straight janitor ts. After a week wiping mobs, I felt myself feeling the itch for a nice og stroll through any of them maps on pso2, even though I’d end up doing rec cuz I want acc. Sheee if it’s even still there. BUTTT. I decide to hop in the teleporter n I was overcome w nostalgia. Walking n .. walking n .. , wait wasn’t I able to jump before:s I walk up to the visiphone n I’m jumping on it looking mad goofy n stuff. I press” A” then it works so, i caught on fairly quick it was changed. -I was in the menu before n it was acting goofy too then I decided I would go back to ngs, hopped in teleporter n used my new controller settings to go back to ngs- where it was back 2 normal:). 😞 back to grinded the rest of my classes 20, i later just felt idec I’ll go play pso2 all goofy type ya know, need that content. , . TELL ME WHY I can’t go back to pso2 for not even a second. Like, I see me traveling there as the lil spark, then boom, error [630]. It’s a sad sight, I try it like every once ina while to no mercy. I just want this to be fixed soon, like come on G -I get y’all working n stuff, but ik it’s prob more than me out there n I can’t even play the game.. excuse my language but Shit feel worst than anthem rn. Closed

Real account @ToxicSavage001

Frfr tho this need fix

i have this same issue. not a clue what's causing it