SteamOS/Steam Deck GameGuard support

This is more a technical request but hopefully it can be forwarded along to the development team.

With the Steam Deck coming out later this year and being entirely based on their Linux based SteamOS, one of the current roadblocks to running PSO2/NGS is GameGuard. It seems right now Valve is working with other anti-cheat/DRM providers but no mention was made of any work on their part with nProtect/GameGuard.

So far from the limited results I've seen, it seems as if the PSO2 Benchmark tool, which doesn't have GameGuard enabled, works via the available compatibility tools/Proton that Valve has provided to run Windows only games on Linux. The only roadblock is GameGuard.

Is it possible that the development team could take this into consideration? I'm not sure what kind of work can be done with nProtect to get them to add in compatibility (not getting my hopes up. I remember back in the XP/7 days, they were HORRIBLE about staying up to date on new OS releases and seemed to like to do the bare minimum). And not sure if it would be feasible to drop GameGuard or use a replacement specifically for the Deck?

I'd absolutely love to take PSO2 on the go and have for quite a while. I enjoyed the heck out of the JP Vita version while it was still active, warts and all. I've got the ability to stream it from my PC or my Xbox One X, but streaming isn't QUITE reliable yet especially on a mobile connection. Having a native mobile option would be amazing.

(And before anyone brings it up, I understand the Steam Deck is purported to be able to have Windows loaded on it but that's more of a workaround and it is unsure at this point how well that will work hardware/driver wise. Having a more 'native' option on the built-in OS is preferred)

I think that's up to NProtect and not Sega to implement, and with Windows 11 coming soon I'd imagine that's their priority, but nonetheless I would love to be able to play via Steam Deck at some point.

Well the Steam Deck is taking off and 2 more Anti-cheat software developers have moved to Support Proton and Wine other then Denuvo, which are Easy-AntiCheat and Battle Eye.

So the devs might want to start asking NProtect to start looking at Proton Support, or they could switch to another Anti-Cheat Software that Has Proton support, as it could make PSO2 more likable in many more ways to their profit.

If they get support for the steam deck it'll be like they are making Phantasy Star games like they did with the PSP, but instead of just supporting one new platform, they get two platforms for the work they put in.