Defense quest is an urgent quest

What this is going to turn out to be , IMO- Are mobs that would require MORE to take them down. Therfore, Mobs would have no trouble taking over a small group, But Hey- I'm just saying, Just maybe as a last resort what they,,

  • AHEM* , The Director will do is to make the mobs far more beefy-er than they are already and just maybe give up some decent gear to defend ourselves. Pretty much everyone is now looking at those things closely, How Much Total DPS you can Or cannot do. Gear that has more than 4 slots, Heck - How about throwing some " Add a Slot capsules?"- But that would make too much sense.

I just realized they had a place where the drills could permanently sit, the cave in South Aelio. It would have worked considering South Aelio is introduced as "a place abundant in minerals." However they placed the cocoon there. (It wasn't there in the CBT) It was a missed opportunity.

They’re literally trying to make this game a dress up simulator because they want as much gambling box revenue as possible. All they care for is money, they can’t/won’t even try new things despite the game going open world. All ik is fallout 76 and Anthem both flopped at release and even they had more content (that was readily available and not something to wait for). Bethesda only fixed 76 because Zenimax was a private company and didn’t have investors down their throats (and now they’re Microsoft’s but nothing huge has changed with it after that happened), Anthem is basically dead and buried because EA obviously doesn’t have that Liberty.

All I can say at this point is that I hope those rumors about a year ago with Microsoft potentially buying them were true, Sega isn’t even as good as most indie devs anymore. I’d argue they’re worse than even Konami because they’re at least outsourcing Silent Hills to someone else. It’d be cool if Nintendo came out of nowhere to do it as some sort of karma or something for that whole Nintendon’t era when Sega was actually a good company, but I doubt that would happen


That all happened when the SEGA of America was fired. ( They were located in Hawaii BTW.) They were also known as AM2 or more commonly known as " SONIC TEAM" Ironically, those same developers now work for Nintendo. If this game Does goto to Nintendo, Then there is no doubt that a HUGE XENO Blade update would follow.

If you think fights are easy it's because we have unlimited instant revives. Give revive a 15 min cooldown and you'll see most groups wiping against Gigas. They never bothered to learn to play because they can always be carried. Of course the content will seem meaningless when they never truly did it in the first place.

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For conversation's sake I am interested how you quantify the PSO2 and NGS gameplay, but yes the other point I was getting at was the post-launch schedule.

The PSO2 content available at launch was 3 classes, 4 expeditions, 13 ARKS quests (other than a few exceptions, I would say these are comparable to cocoons, that is, content that most players run once), 1 time attack quest, 1 expedition like urgent quest, personal quarters, a bunch of client orders and the story content covering the 4 available areas.

Hmm... classes I can understand. NGS has 7 sectors but I'm not sure you could relate those to expeditions 1:1 unless you compare veteran/dread enemies to exploration bosses? 13 ARKS Quests is comparable to 8 cocoons and 3 towers, and I suppose Suppress Za'udan is about as long as Runway. NGS has no time attack quests, 1 boss and 1 short gauntlet + boss urgent quest so that's more, no personal quarters, a tiny number of one-time side tasks (client orders) and none repeatable, and story content that covers about 4 scenes. Okay that's an exaggeration but it's not much and surely less than the PSO2 launch matter board.

I'm not sure how from this explanation one could conclude that NGS has more. It seems more like six of one and half a dozen of the other? Or just subject to an opinion driven by whichever of the above things you give more weight. Which is fine.

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PSO2 did have more story content and more client orders, but it also had alot more padding and busy work than NGS that I don't think really counts as content (such as being locked out of going beyond lvl 30 without getting 90 items from each planet [snip]

Firstly I know NGS has no way to break the lock of going above level 20, but I won't make a point of that because the scales probably aren't the same and if PSO2 levelling was slower and more grindy that's not really content either as per your points.

But I'm not sure collecting 90 items (obviously not knowing what they are) would be tedious. If they're relatively sensible and varied I can imagine that might be comparable to grinding 950 or 1100 BP to go to the next combat sector as NGS does it - especially if that involves blowing resources on potentials and enhancing a weapon you know you won't be using half an hour later due to the BP requirement.

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After launch though, PSO2 had a decent enough amount of permanent (not time gated) content coming out, while NGS doesn't.

Gotta agree whole-heartedly with this one now though, if Defense Quests are simply static Urgent Quests after a couple months of being called a distinct quest type.

@Miraglyth I guess what makes me feel that NGS had more to offer at launch is that even with the lack of content, I think the NGS world has alot more... dunno, substance? than the procedurally generated expeditions in PSO2.

About the 90 item in the original PSO2 (90 per each of the first 3 areas, so a total of 270), they were tedious to collect.

They only dropped from the planet's natives, so the desert items were a pain due to the lack of mechs enemies, they didn't have a 100% drop rate, it wasn't a very low drop rate, but it still made it more annoying to get the mechs items, and hard mode expeditions were only unlocked at lvl 30, while we had access to that client order starting at lvl 25, we could only do arks quests from 25 to 29.

Though, whether PSO2, NGS or even PSU had more content at launch, in the end, all 3 had a pitiful amount of content at launch and it's a mistake that SEGA keeps repeating. Other online RPGs, be it bigger ones like FFXIV or smaller ones like MHWorld, usually they start as full games at launch, while PSU, PSO2 and NGS haven't.

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That was easily the worst part of Headline for me too. It's been called "Defense Quest" for months now as though it'd be a repeatable activity and today that name was nowhere to be seen, instead it's "New Urgent Quest Mining Rig Defense".

If it was repeatable it'd have - and need to have - a lot of variety features, Divide Quest style. We're talking different locations (heck knows there are enough open flat areas throughout Aelio to host towers), different threats and environmental modifiers, and so on. Instead we're likely to get one very static UQ in only one location with the same waves every time so not only is it time-gated to demand we can't play it when we want and might need to play it when we don't want, but it'll become stale almost immediately and we won't want to do it anyway.

I just... don't get it. Did they never register everyone's feedback that Divide Quests were good and static Urgent Quests were bad?

divide quests were HORRIBLE but better than having to wait hours to hope for a uq

you shouldn't need to rely on your team mates to not fail your quest for you or be forced to solo

I really wanted to wait for the Winter Quest to give Sega a fair chance (lets be honest thats more then just fair its generous of me) but after seeing that insulting Headline i am just 1 inch away from jumping ship.

Ye sadly so far all Sega sell the game as turned to be there no reason to think the big winter update (that we don't even know when this be) be any good. So far all the content is rendom(when you can do it).

@El-Zenchi not if you can't get the triggers easly and it's the same 3 UQ 8n them.

@El-Zenchi and here you final got a really good point.

Well, it seems the urgent quest isn't important enough for them to add to August update info xD

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If you think fights are easy it's because we have unlimited instant revives. Give revive a 15 min cooldown and you'll see most groups wiping against Gigas. They never bothered to learn to play because they can always be carried. Of course the content will seem meaningless when they never truly did it in the first place.

You know, you're usually full of it, but i'll grant you this one. Revives were and are too plentiful. I predicted as much, although i hoped for better.


The whole new healing/revive system sucks to be honest. I rather have the standart healing guy in my group then this new system.